Huge Favor?

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19-01-2008 20:04:43

Hey guys - I need a favor. A friend of mine will only earn commission on an event if the number of confirmed guests on facebook reaches a certain number, regardless of the actual number of people who attend the event. This is problematic because the "cool" people generally RSVP as "Maybe Attending" even when they plan to attend. As you might have imagined, the favor I am asking is for everyone to RSVP as attending the event.

The Event http//

P.S. The friend owes me a fair amount of money, so if he earns commission, I get paid back next week ) Thanks in advance guys, <3 my FIPG'rs. liliIf you could post that you clicked attending, it'll help me keep track of how much you guys have helped me help him...which will obviously be leveraged as heavily as possible.lili


19-01-2008 20:16:09

Attending ;)


19-01-2008 20:21:31



19-01-2008 20:37:13


Is there free beer?


19-01-2008 21:01:09


Is there free beer?[/quote2390a06400]

There better be


19-01-2008 21:01:54


Is there free beer?[/quotec00e467ea8]

If you showed up, your night would be on me.