In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale

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18-01-2008 21:53:18

Did anyone see this giant piece of crap waste of time??? Dear lord I would honestly watch the miracle of birth than watch this terrible awful excuse for a moving picture show again... I originally thought it would be OKAY, I mean, come on, it has Jason Statham in it, it's medieval, which is always cool, it had Burt Reynolds and the doofy guy from Indiana Jones, everything looked cool...

Let me tell you something. The very first scene set the tone for how pathetic a movie this could actually be. It was atrocious... Seriously, the "Krug" as it were looked like, no lie, the freaking Putties from Power Rangers. It was so ridiculous, there may have well been sparks when they got punched... Ray Liotta has once again proven that he can't act and there was not one redeeming quality in this god forsaken mess...

WAIT. I take that back, there WAS one redeeming quality... Matthew Lillard was perfectly cast.

--As an idiot that nobody likes.

Let's be honest, Burt Reynolds as the king? The guy looks like he's lost in space and he doesn't even know where he's at.

Trust me, I know what you're thinking ah, people always misjudge movies, there's no way it can be this bad, it's got all these big name actors, it's medieval, I'll enjoy it a little.

NO. YOU WON'T No one will and it will be out of theaters next week. and i'm quite certain I can't watch jason statham anymore. Thanks "farmer" you really screwed me this time.


18-01-2008 21:55:01

Uwe Boll.


18-01-2008 23:12:38

So overall you liked it then?


18-01-2008 23:21:06

This review made as much sense as a Tholek Smilies submission.


19-01-2008 09:43:37

Haha yeah I just re-read that, it's definitely not my best grammatical display. I apologize haha.


19-01-2008 11:41:15

Actually it made sense. I was just looking for an excuse to post that. Srsly, some of Tholek's smilies submissions are just downright weird.


19-01-2008 11:47:09

haha what is a tholek smiley?


19-01-2008 11:59:30



19-01-2008 12:20:49

^ lol wut???

Anyway ---


When your mouse rolls over the image, you'll see the usernames of the people who submitted them. Tholek submitted very strange ones.

BTW, I wish we could delete some of the ones we submitted. I submitted a bad ditto on accident. (


19-01-2008 12:30:12

ha pokemen, gotta love them... yes those tholek ones were very very strange. but some of them were cracking me up ) and what the hell was that link in the post above yours? was that her nice way of saying"please keep movie posts in this forum?" This one deserved its own..... soooooooooo baddddddddd.......


19-01-2008 12:40:02

Ah yes. I totally forgot what the topic was for a few seconds there so I had had no clue as to what aviendha meant. oops

But if this thread didn't exist I might have actually spent money on renting that movie. o

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19-01-2008 14:14:59

yeah spend your money on something good. You know, like Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift


Cabin Fever 2


Bring it On Again.



21-01-2008 08:45:43

Does anyone else despise Uwe Boll?


21-01-2008 10:42:17

This review is pretty much inline with everybody else's review of this movie. I think it's down to single digits at RottenTomatoes, in both user and critic reviews. No doubt a contender for next year's Razzie awards.

Speaking of which, I read this morning that I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry was nominated for some Razzies. We thought that was a fun, check-your-brain-at-the-door movie. shrug