Who here is the smartest? - Winner gets iPod Shuffle

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13-01-2008 22:17:38

We've just created a new website www.PlaceToCompete.com[=http//www.PlaceToCompete.com]www.PlaceToCompete.com !

The concept is quite simple You register, you sign up for the free non-CC offer, and (on the day of the competition) answer as many questions as you can in a set amount of time. The questions can be about anything from history to math. You will have 5 minutes to answer an undisclosed number of questions.

Person who answers the most correctly will get a free iPod shuffle (or PayPal equivalent). It's that simple!

If you're not from the USA (or don't want to complete the offer), you can still participate by referring 1 user from the USA who will complete the offer.

[b2094a3e499]Next Competition Thursday January 17, 8 pm PST[/b2094a3e499] D