How do you follow up on your job application

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11-01-2008 15:20:06

I have been looking for a job lately and been filling out applications

I applied at homecares

and I have not gotten one single call from any of them...

I want to follow up on my job application

but how would I approach this through phone call?

What is the proper thing to say to follow up?
Please share your experience..

I included my resume and cover letter on the applications


12-01-2008 05:53:53

Just call them and say something simple like

"Hi, I was calling to find out if anyone had the chance to look over my application yet."

If they have not looked at it yet, they often will pull your application and put it on top of the pile to look at first. Always show that you are grateful, say please and thank you. Call and ask often but not enough to be annoying to them, maybe once a week.

I have done this in the past lots of times and I would usually get hired because it shows that you are truly interested in the job.


12-01-2008 09:08:21

Oh should I ask for the manager first? because if it some clerk, they would not care at all.


12-01-2008 09:23:35

[quote0185e0f569="puppeteer"]Oh should I ask for the manager first? because if it some clerk, they would not care at all.[/quote0185e0f569]

Ask for whoever you turned in your application or whoever would be reviewing your application. If you turned it into a clerk, I would recommend speaking to a manager though because chances are they are the ones looking it over.


12-01-2008 09:28:16

It's always good to speak with the person in charge of the hiring (ie. Store Manager or Assistant Manager). Keep in mind that is also the person that may be the busiest and most difficult to get on the phone too so try to be patient yet persistent.

Another approach (so not to seem desperate) would be to call to make sure they received your application/resume. This accomplishes two things Generally gets your transferred to the appropriate party in charge of the applications/hiring process and shows initiative and follow-through - two great qualities in any employee in any field.

If you do get the hiring manager on the phone then simply ask
1.) I was just calling to make sure you received my application that I dropped off last _______(day of the week)____.

At this point they will come back with some BS excuse of why they haven't called you back (and may set a time with you right there) or they will inform you if they have filled the position.


unknown uchiha

12-01-2008 14:23:27

I cannot stress how important it is to call the employer to ask if they've taken a look at your application yet.

I have a friend who's literally lacking in real-world skills (and makes up for it with his abundance of stupidity/laziness) and didn't want to call the place we both turned in applications to a while ago. I kept insisting that he call, he stubbornly refused; saying that the store should call HIM.

I got the job, he didn't. And he STILL doesn't know why, after explaining it to him. He's pathetic, really =P

But anyways, you should definitely call them first. I'd say call them once or twice per week so they know that you're interested in the job and that you'd like to work there. Remember, an employer has access to a bunch of candidates. If it's your first job or the place you're applying to is paying like minimum wage, you're basically "expendable".


12-01-2008 14:26:02

always follow up, if it was a personal interview, send a letter or call thanking them for their time, if just an app, just call and ask if anyone has had a chance to review it


12-01-2008 15:43:00

thanks a bunch guys........ i really want this job... homecare... lol


12-01-2008 16:48:40

I have always sent a quick little "thank you" card after an interview. Just simply thank them for taking the time to meet with you and let them know that you look forward to hearing from them.

This can also be done vie e-mail, these days, either way is good but the card is more personal and shows a little more time/care. Calling to thank is a pretty awkward thing to do.

This simple little thing will put your name in front of them one more time than probably 98% of the other applicants. It could be the one thing that may get you a 2nd interview or a job offer.

If you don't hear back from them, do not hesitate to call. That lets them know that you're interested. It's also easy for them to be extremely busy and unable to schedule interviews as quickly as they would like to, so a phone call allows them the opportunity to pencil you in while you're on the phone.

Try to avoid voicemail if at all possible. I'd rather send an email than leave a voicemail. Voicemails usually get listened to once and may or may not be jotted down and may get lost in the shuffle. An email stays put until it is deleted.

The single most important thing is to talk as though you ALREADY have the position. You'd be amazed at what that can do for you. I know, I used to be in a position where I was in charge of hiring new employees. Be confident, but not arrogant. This may seem old fashioned, but always use sir or mam. And, this one drives me crazy~say YES, not yeah or uh-huh. Avoid umm's or hmm's. Have it well thought out before you place the call.

Also, do not become discouraged if you do not get the position, it could be that someone else was more qualified, had positions in the past that more appropriately fit, etc. Just keep trying! When one door closes, another will open.

Good luck!