hey y'all? what's up? im back :)

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10-01-2008 22:47:04

After 4months i believe? ..... i guess i am back well not really doing offers atm..

i believe i have like $360 worth of refs from a site that I have not cashed out... i hope that doesn't expire...

but yea everything was because of school, took 3hard classes in semester lol....

but if anyone cares and still remember me D


10-01-2008 23:09:44

welcome back dude.

sandra habina

11-01-2008 07:07:20

Hello dear - I remember. Welcome back.

And I do not think there is expiration dates to worry about.


11-01-2008 10:11:16

i like ur new title lol

"Newbie Ambassador" nice! very nice~


11-01-2008 10:26:00

Hey man, welcome back.


11-01-2008 12:44:18

did you figure out what a thesis statement is?


11-01-2008 12:44:59

oh Hi!


11-01-2008 13:49:16

[quote68812faaea="zdub08"]did you figure out what a thesis statement is?[/quote68812faaea]

hah yea i did

if i forget i just go search and find that topic that tsj made for me rotfl........... what a.........................................


11-01-2008 14:16:12

Who needs thesis statements when you can make pots?


11-01-2008 16:06:10

[quote7e95c93b36="J4320"]Who needs thesis statements when you can make [b7e95c93b36]pots?[/b7e95c93b36][/quote7e95c93b36]
http/" alt=""/img444.imageshack.us/img="444/6654/enameledcastironspotswhdu1.jpg[" alt=""/img7e95c93b36]


14-01-2008 14:12:00

Welcome back