Need some of you Photoshoppers to help me preview my new tat

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06-01-2008 15:58:49

Hey guys,

I'm thinking bout getting a new tattoo. Probably a 311 one after my favorite band. This is what I want to get.

http//img="" alt=""/img112/9709/040507wy8.jpg

But on the top of it I want it to say From Chaos, and under it I want it to say Comes Clarity. Anyway any of you techs out there can generate a model on photoshop of what it would look like so I could get an idea? The font would be the same color as the actualy tat. Try and make the font look pretty cool like a real tat would.

Thanks a lot,

P.S. Go Gmen!!


06-01-2008 16:20:05

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06-01-2008 16:40:24

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06-01-2008 17:33:33



06-01-2008 17:35:12

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