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06-01-2008 01:36:15

I came across this blog today and I've never felt so sad for someone I've never met and will never have an opportunity to meet. He died January 3rd in an ambush and wrote the entry last July in anticipation for something he hoped would never come to pass. He is just one soldier, one death, and one voice but he is brought to everyone the same pain and grief that families across America experience. Here's to you, Andrew Olmsted

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06-01-2008 08:02:57

Man, poor guy. I got a little chokey there. RIP buddy.


06-01-2008 08:30:36

Yeah me too. ( I feel so bad now.


06-01-2008 10:52:31

OMG. (


11-01-2008 06:07:38

OMG, that was sad (


12-01-2008 19:23:53

I just feel terrible for his family and friends. And, I know that he knew going in that this could be the possible outcome and we all know that too when a soldier goes to war. But, somehow, the fact that he wrote that, makes me understand exactly how much our soldiers do understand the very real possibility that they will not come home alive, much more so than we, civilians, ever will. That, I think, is what was the most sobering part for me.

I hope that we all start/continue to pray (if you pray) for our troops. There are so many others just like him. I've always respected our military. My grandfather, father, brother, father-in-law, and others I know have served in the military. Some of them saw horrific things, things that we civilians do not want to know about. They deserve our utmost respect and definitely our prayers and thanks.

Wow, I don't even know what to say. There are so many young people in the same situation, some of them not knowing full well (as much as the veteran soldiers) what they were walking into.