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02-01-2008 15:28:01

After redesigning, and recoding much of the site, Treasure4Free is ready for the new year! If you do not already know, Treasure4Free is a incentive-based offer-completions site, as I'm sure most of you are already familiar with.

The most significant of our many new features are

li International support - users from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia are welcomed.

li New payment options - now you can be paid by check or PayPal (verified PayPal accounts only)

We're still working on adding many more offers, so expect more in the next few days!

Check us out and start earning $$$ today.[=http//]

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02-01-2008 15:39:42

when do you pay and approve?


02-01-2008 16:29:47

We're currently on a Net30 payment schedule. So offers completed this month, will be paid on or around the 28th of February (the end of the month).


02-01-2008 16:47:23

hmm, how is this off topic?


02-01-2008 16:51:08

Since TSJ already reviewed and approved it, it's fine.


04-01-2008 15:19:08

Update We just added 70 more offers today! There are now almost 250 offers internationally.