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28-12-2007 13:24:12

Couldn't think of an adequate title, but here's the deal. Details aren't really need, but I have a poem here that I need to print off, elegantly (no homo). I have photoshop and all that jazz, but I'm looking for like a vintage, classy border to put on it.... I know it sounds like a simple task, but I can not think of what to type into google to find like just borders and stuff to get onto photoshop.... or maybe there is a site you can go and enter a poem and it will assemble something nice....

Again, not gay... just trying to do something nice for my girlfriend )

Hope everyone had a good Christmas, and is looking forward to New Years!


28-12-2007 14:21:25

r u ghey


28-12-2007 14:36:16

[quote904f435dd5="zdub08"]r u ghey[/quote904f435dd5]

must be. he went out of the way to defend himself before anyone even said anything.. he must be trying to hide something.
besides, some of the greatest poets who ever lived were male.


28-12-2007 21:17:44

There's this poem that she loves, and I want to print it off for her and frame it..... i'm just looking for a way to make it look "pretty" for her......

bruman, no offense but your post makes no sense to me lol....

zdub08, it's ok to cower behind your true orientation by assuming everyone else is the same way


28-12-2007 21:26:53