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26-12-2007 18:18:06

So I came across this site, and it basically looks like an ebay type of auction thing, but then you don't pay for the items that you win?? Does anyone know how this works, or is it a scam or something? I've never seen anything like this...


27-12-2007 18:46:13

I tried to read it and understand it but I couldnt. They dont want you to pay but they male money too. I have no idea!


27-12-2007 18:49:34

Same. It just confused me. I wouldn't go near it


27-12-2007 19:11:26

I don't get it. It makes no sense, lol.

unknown uchiha

27-12-2007 23:41:51

Registered under Domains-by-Proxy, I wouldn't do business with them.


28-12-2007 10:03:03

i wouldnt do business on the account that i have no idea whats going on!


28-12-2007 12:41:10

looks like they set a fixed price on the item and you compete against other people with the bidding, making it a game of sorts. They also supposedly sell retail wholesale items.

Basically it's not REALLY Do Not Pay, but just Do Not Pay for what you bid? That's what I got out of it.