What would your last meal be?

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19-12-2007 14:23:29

So you're sitting on death row for not reporting your freebie earnings on your income taxes and you're allowed one last meal before being beaten to death by your expired FreeiPods.com account.

What would it be?

I'd have a bag of chips from my local chippie back home (with salt and sauce), a portion of Pakoras, garlic bread sticks and a few bottles of beer.


19-12-2007 14:31:09

chicken enchiladas, fish and chips from my favorite pub in St. Albans, some beer to drink, and then for dessert - a hot fudge ice cream cake (milk to drink)


19-12-2007 14:32:53

Whatever gives me explosive diarrhea at the exact moment they kill me.


19-12-2007 14:57:46

Medium-rare filet mignon, sauteed asparagus spears, red wine.

And a small glass of port.


19-12-2007 15:06:41

fillet mignon with twin lobsters with a glass of expensive wine, and a tort for dessert.


19-12-2007 15:43:27

A filet mignon with some butter. Some sushi from Tank in chicago. Enough hard liquour to kill me and some hash brownies for dessert. Nuff said.


19-12-2007 16:16:48

doritoes and ch.milk


19-12-2007 16:23:47

Pure solid lead, or something close to lethal.

So when I start getting brain poisoning, they are forced to take me to the hospital and spend money on me not dying. Should teach those fkers about putting someone on death row for taxes.


19-12-2007 16:27:16

[quotef608b56e0c="dmorris68"]Whatever gives me explosive diarrhea at the exact moment they kill me.[/quotef608b56e0c]

LOL! Great answer! That way you get the last laugh!


19-12-2007 16:40:09

Something from the Gyro Guy at 53rd and 6th in NYC.

Best Gyro platters ever.


19-12-2007 18:33:57

all you can eat buffet, then they can never kill me! ;)

but i don't even know what I would pick, maybe some pizza, beer, chips, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, steak, ribs, corn on the cob.... and a pie!


20-12-2007 04:44:09

had you asked this question two days ago, i would have said jamie lynn spears but.....


20-12-2007 06:38:12

Good try Dan.

Probably - A meat lovers pizza from Domino's, followed by boiled crawfish and shrimp, followed by chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, followed by a bowl of some purple, followed by a cigarette, followed by another bowl.

(I love how spell check thinks crawfish is spelled incorrectly, and tries to tell me to change it to crayfish -- a damn Yankee must have created the dictionary it runs from)


20-12-2007 08:52:33

I nice Hot Pizza from Papa Johns - Spinch, Tomatto and Chicken!


20-12-2007 09:25:19

Surf N Turf, maybe from Longhorn Steakhouse? Just some sort of filet mignon and lobster tail, along with a Caesar salad, and some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Either some Coors Light or some Long Island Iced Teas (if I'm trying to get fucked up), and maybe a bowl or two with TTGP.


20-12-2007 09:41:07

awww our little tylerc is becoming a pothead


20-12-2007 09:43:08

i take full blame.


20-12-2007 13:54:06



20-12-2007 15:05:50

[quote33f7d5cc57="ntfireballs"]I nice Hot Pizza from Papa Johns - Spinch, Tomatto and Chicken![/quote33f7d5cc57]
I honestly am not too impressed with Papa Johns.
One time I ordered a medium pie. The total cost was around $14 with tip. I didn't mind because I thought it would taste of higher quality. However, when I actually tasted it I felt it was a bit overrated.
Also, their garlic sauce tastes and smells bad. I ended up throwing it out after opening it because it smelt bad.

I'd have rather just ordered a 5-5-5 deal from Dominoes and had been better off.
Oh well, maybe one day I'll give them another shot. That experience definitely sucked though.

[quote33f7d5cc57="DRay9911"]had you asked this question two days ago, i would have said jamie lynn spears but.....[/quote33f7d5cc57]


21-12-2007 05:45:50

I'd have a nice, big, fresh vagina.


21-12-2007 11:30:42

[quote3f894f2454="Twon"]I'd have a nice, [b3f894f2454]big[/b3f894f2454], fresh vagina.[/quote3f894f2454]

http//forum.freeipodguide.com/smilies_mod/upload/835b74ceb7f64f7d7dd197edf7c84455.gif[" alt=""/img3f894f2454]


21-12-2007 11:36:03

[quote902ca90155="Twon"]I'd have a nice, big, [b902ca90155]fresh[/b902ca90155] vagina.[/quote902ca90155]



21-12-2007 13:39:35

http/" alt=""/img.photobucket.com/albums/v296/Webscar/pikachu_vagina.jpg[/img4e7294b873]

Hopefully that's big enough fer ye.


21-12-2007 13:49:23

[quotea2796ab806="J4320"]http/" alt=""/img.photobucket.com/albums/v296/Webscar/pikachu_vagina.jpg[/imga2796ab806]

Hopefully that's big enough fer ye.[/quotea2796ab806]

well its better then going up from the butt


21-12-2007 14:28:54

Wow, This has gone downhill quickly


21-12-2007 16:26:34

[quote7c334949f1="mookieb2"]Wow, This has gone downhill quickly[/quote7c334949f1]

I feel responsible...


23-12-2007 14:43:15


Invincibility pills

sandra habina

23-12-2007 15:59:19

All you can eat Crabs legs and a whole lot of Liquor.


23-12-2007 16:08:46

mmmm... Liquor


23-12-2007 18:11:52


Invincibility pills[/quote6f474ce56e]
Haha that's the best one in this entire thread.


23-12-2007 18:49:49

Pack of Marlboro Lights and a bottle of Crown. . . I'm dying anyways )


23-12-2007 22:12:29

stew chicken, with peas and rice....yummy!!!


23-12-2007 22:25:39

[quote8a1418987a="sandra habina"]All you can eat Crabs legs and a whole lot of Liquor.[/quote8a1418987a]
Hell yes. King crab legs with hot butter. Authentic New England clam chowder. Some orange-peel chicken on the side. Croissants. Huge glass of root beer, and a molten chocolate cake from Chili's. It would be an orgy in my mouth

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