Getting a new credit card and bank account...

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17-12-2007 19:10:13

Just turned 18 and I badly want everything in my name. And my old bank is horrible.

I know that at the right times you can get some serious benefits/gifts/cash for signing up for a new bank or credit card.

What's everyone think is the best way to profit?

I tried slickdeals and fatwallet.. they weren't as helpful as I hoped
and I could just do credit card offers on free sites.. but thats a pain


17-12-2007 19:27:48

Do a YFDirect Site and use that as one of your OODs and find a bank where they'll give ya $100 for opening the account and setting up direct deposit.


17-12-2007 21:03:16

This is a very helpful thread at FW

Most credit card offers are not incentivizable so aren't run on freebie sites for the most part. Those that are promoted don't have the same great signup bonus' as do those in the FW thread.


17-12-2007 21:11:59

When signing up for a credit card, you should try to get at least $50 in return as a sign up bonus (as cash or rewards points). You'll be able to find one that gives you $100 to sign up if you look around. Once in a while, you'll find a killer deal, $150 or higher.

Also, while the upfront benefits are good, you also need to pay attention to what each card will give you over the long term. A lot of them advertise 5% cash back, but in most cases, the 5% only lasts for 60 days or so. And sometimes, you'll only get 5% if you meet a minimum amount charged every month. These cards usually revert to 1 or 1.5% after the 60 days or if you don't charge over their minimum amount.

I personally recommend the Chase Freedom card. I got $250 just for signing up for it, but at the moment they give only $50 on their website. You get 3% cash back on 3 categories of items that you spend the most on. For example, if you spend most of your money on fast food, gas, and your cell phone bill, you'll get 3% cash back on those things and 1% back on everything else. If you reach $200 in cash back, they also give you a $50 bonus for a total of $250. There's no minimum purchase amount and the 3% is good forever.

As for a bank account, they don't usually give you free things for signing up, but you'll be able to find some here and there. ING Direct gives you $25 for signing up sometimes. Wachovia had a promotion a few months back where they gave people 2 $25 Visa gift cards for signing up for a checking account, but now its only 1 card for $25 I believe.


18-12-2007 07:34:44

Citi mtvU is my favorite card by far. They will give you 5% on lots of things (such as purchases). Great card and easy to get with little history since it is for college students.


18-12-2007 09:08:21

Ilovetoys.. I was thinking something like that but hate to deal with the waiting and such for DIY sites..

doylnea looks like I have some reading to do.. I'll karma you tomorrow

bigchan2k karma+ I just checked out Chase Freedom and it looks pretty good.. I'm thinking I'll probably go with Wachovia or Washington Mutual

gigante thanks for the recommendation


18-12-2007 10:48:06

Citibank is offering free 200 bucks for a checking account



22-12-2007 10:51:55

I'm leaning towards the Chase Freedom card
and a bank account at WaMu

An interesting card if you pay all your bills on time is

it rewards you for paying on time


22-12-2007 14:09:43

I like Bank of America. I signed up for a St Louis Cardinals card on last year, and got a free Bob Gibson autographed mini helmet. And points add up so in a few years I plan on using points for tickets, and if they still have it available, a field visit during batting practice. Plus the first year there is no interest which is nice. Sounds like your more looking at cash though...