Can i distinguish between Paypal Balance payments vs credit?

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12-12-2007 14:05:00

ok, question

1. If someone sends me a credit/debit card payment to my Premier account, is there a way to tell what type of payment it is? From my past experiences I think I remember that it always says "Payment Type Instant" for all payments except echecks. So is there no way to tell if it is a credit/debit payment?


12-12-2007 14:20:49

there is no way around the fees if you dont want them request a check


12-12-2007 14:24:51

[quote085f2f767a="michae229"]there is no way around the fees if you dont want them request a check[/quote085f2f767a]

well I'm not really trying to get around the credit/debit card fees. Basically I'm wondering if there is a way to distinguish between instant payments (sent from a person's paypal account balance) and credit/debit card payments that are sent to my Premier account. ignore the rest of my original post i guess lol


12-12-2007 17:41:53

not that i know of, unless you're the sending party. it's my opinion that paypal doesn't want you to know this information because then you'd be more apt to realize that they charge you the same fees either way. which sucks -- money from the sender's paypal balance has already had its fees paid on it by the originating party, so that additional few percent is just gravy for paypal.