I need your advice

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11-12-2007 23:02:07

Hi all, as you can see on my tag I am the owner of a freebie site. It is fairly new and I have been trying to figure out what attracts people to the site. I've tried numerous promotions and fun topics on my forum. Just thought I'd reach out ask you all for help. You guys know better than me! I look forward to your input here and on my forum.


12-12-2007 00:21:01

I would recommend doing something like Trainn where you only need to do 1 offer to go green. I have noticed that nowadays it seems like every new person wants to start with Trainn sites because they're so easy to complete. And then of course good crediting, quick answers to support tickets, etc..


12-12-2007 06:29:40

Also, posting things over and over about your site in the off-topic forum is killing you. Do you see any other site owner doing it? No. So cut the crap out.