Anyone Ever Heard of These Guys !

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07-12-2007 05:00:40

I was reading about websites where you can win auctions with the lowest unique bid has anyone every tried these are these guys legit .


07-12-2007 05:23:18

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


07-12-2007 05:31:01

Well im just asking if anyone read about this guys hope Im spelling this right lol red or read lol. Thanks for your help hope you are doing well .


07-12-2007 06:31:52

It looks kind of neat but I am not really interested in paying a monthly fee...


07-12-2007 07:49:21

There are a ton of legit sites where you can win Big ticket items (i.e. big screen TVs, cars, trips, huge cash payouts, etc) for having the lowest unique bid. It's called Reverse Auctions, and they are neat, but your chance of winning is so small, especially with a cheap bid.

But, these sites are definitely legit... at least most of them.


07-12-2007 08:01:13

That's what I figured. You would need to bid higher than you would probably think.


07-12-2007 12:37:33

SonyStyle has these reverse auctions once a month where you can get awesome deals on things like computer monitors and cameras.
Basically they have X quantity of the item, and every hour the price drops by Y dollars. The thing is, sometimes if you wait too long for a price to drop, the item may have sold out by then.

I keep forgetting when they are so I never really get to participate in them.