To all in a trade with me

Live forum:


27-11-2007 15:16:51

I don't have the internet at my house for the next few days so I can only check my messages every so often when I get to a computer. I will have my internet back on Friday they said and I will get to my end of the trades as soon as possible.


27-11-2007 15:29:24

I think you're in the wrong forum.


27-11-2007 15:37:57

No offense, but wouldn't it be better to just PM all of the people you're currently trading with and maybe put a message in your sig? It can't be too hard to just go to the trades section and send everyone private messages.


28-11-2007 11:56:01

I did PM the people but just in case they didn't get it or I forgot someone or whatever I'd rather have a post too. I don't see what the big deal is....people make posts all the time when they are going to be away from their computer for a few days. And if this is in the wrong forum my bad, idk where else to put it. I don't see the sense in putting my own post in the "scammers/problem traders" section like most others do.


28-11-2007 12:31:06

It really isn't a big deal. But you'd think that people would read their PM's over a random post in the Off-Topic.


28-11-2007 15:39:38

Thanks for this post. I dunno what I would do if I were trading with you and you disappeared for two days and only sent me a PM about it. This post makes it official. I forgive you for leaving me hanging for 2 days on this trade that does not exist.


28-11-2007 16:46:27

If you could fuckin read I said its just a notice for people to see. Everyone makes mistakes and maybe I forgot to PM someone and let them know I'll be away from my computer for a few days and they are expecting payment for something or w/e....mind your own business and don't worry about what I post or why, the people that I am in a trade with are the only ones that need to be concerned, the rest of you can mind your own fuckin business because I really don't care what you think or have to say. I'm sick of people on here getting involved wit things that don't even concern them.