$5 pp 2 ne1 who explains that FiPG=creative entrepreneurship

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25-11-2007 13:44:39

Okay here's the deal

[b1b2e2384e0]What all I need to do is define how the freebie process works.[/b1b2e2384e0]

I'm trying to make it sound like my experience with Incentive reward programs is actually creative entrepreneurship. This is to be an addition to a college application I am currently creating - so I have a character limit (not word - character -_-) of 160 characters...

So what we need to do is explain what Incentive reward programs are and how that accounts for creative entrepreneurship in about two very short sentences. We obviously want to make this sound as appealing to the business as we can and the last think we want to do is have an admissions officer think "WTF... Pyramid Scheme?"

Here's what I have; it's not good enough
Incentive marketing rewards clients with money in exchange for reviewing offers. By completing + assisting others in these programs I developed financial security by the age of 15.

Anyone that can do this significantly better will be sent $5 paypal.

Edit here's what I currently have

Incentive marketing rewards clients money in exchange for reviewing offers. Through my involvement in these programs I established a lucrative enterprise.


25-11-2007 14:11:48

if you're struggling this much on the application, think how horrible the classes will be


25-11-2007 14:16:08

[b23ec246dd0]freebie sites are not financial security!!![=http//www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/youare]freebie sites are not financial security!!![/b23ec246dd0]


25-11-2007 14:28:45

i would disagree


25-11-2007 14:32:39

for the owners it can be a business, for the clients it cannot


25-11-2007 16:03:52

We are talking about a college application here. I believe this should be done only by you. In the past, I did ask for homework help here. I learned that in the long wrong it is bad for you. I still once in a while seek help, but I will try not to ask for an entire assignment to be done for me. It only hurts you in the long run. I feel having someone else doing this portion for you would be a misrepresentation of you. The essay is supposed to represent who you are. If someone tells you what to right, that is not you.... I am sure some of us would be more than happy to check grammar over, but writing it for you is a different story. Good luck with your applications.


25-11-2007 17:34:30

Hire an admissions counselor to help you lie, don't look for it here.


25-11-2007 17:37:09

All he is asking for is two sentences.


25-11-2007 19:42:48

Yes, thank you Bruman, what all I am asking for is two sentences defining our purpose for dealing with incentive rewards. I'm sure all of us have been asked to define our dealings here - and that's all I'm trying to do.

I believe even the best admissions officers would struggle to help me with that task; the best place to ask is here.

I should have phrased my question better.. sorry.


26-11-2007 06:04:46

[quote6b5ed81ff7="JOSHBOX"]for the owners it can be a business, for the clients it cannot[/quote6b5ed81ff7]

I'd say, at this point...I'm well over $50K in terms of how much I've made on the user end of the incentive world. It's 900AM and I'm only up because I had to take this girl back to campus...(what I was getting at I don't feel like actually making any "real" calculations/tabulations); but even if it took me 10 hours a week (which it didn't) for the 3 years I've been doing this...that's still around $32/hour. Not bad in my book. Now that doesn't take into account offer cost(s), but it doesn't take into account the free services I've enjoyed or trial products I've eBay'd either.


26-11-2007 13:28:43

cough, opportunity costs, FON, cough


26-11-2007 14:31:29

[quote0f086896ff="doylnea"]cough, opportunity costs, FON, cough[/quote0f086896ff]

This isn't ECON ###, so quiet you! But what opportunity costs are you considering? I still would have been able to work, had I needed to.


10-12-2007 18:45:57

The deal is still good. ^^

sandra habina

11-12-2007 02:31:14

Incentive marketing rewards clients money in exchange for reviewing offers. Through my involvement in these programs I established a lucrative enterprise.

Maybe you could explain involvement a bit more but you only have about 30 characters left. Yikes.

Or start out with Through my experiences with incentive marketing...................
Or say it is a tool for the entreprenuer to use......................

Just a thought dear. Sure does not give you much space to make your point does it? Good luck and keep your money dear. !