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21-11-2007 22:29:06

so a friend of mine recently contacted me on facebook asking if i wanted an opportunity to make big money...

i said sure why not whats the catch... he said he couldnt say much of anything or get into details, but he sent me to

he said there was going to be a meeting at his friends house today at 6 pm...

i thought it was a plot to have me jumped in some random kids basement so i brought a few friends with me from the gym lol...

i get there and there are a bunch of kids sitting in a room... i sat down with my buddies and then a man with a suit came into the room with a stand up white board...

he begins his lecture talking about money, money, money, ferrari, money money money...

he goes on and on about an "online mall" and how everything is going e commerce, gave us a whole bunch of talk about how he and his "partners" are makin it big life...

yada,yada, im in the front row and cant leave, yada, yada... one and a half hours later, yada, yada....

he invites the kid who invited all of us to the house to speak... the kid was nervous, and clearly didnt know what he was talking about and sounded like he was talking from a book.

what kills me about this is that the kid who did the inviting was the fact that he had no idea what this was all about...

as soon as i heard at the last 5 minutes of the speak, when the person finally began to talk about what he was REALLY there for... and he said refer... i laughed, got up, told everyone to remember and walked out the door.

i felt bad in the end... but i never really witnessed anything so pathetic in my life... the kids who did the recruiting for "worthy" "partners" almost seemed brainwashed into thinking they were going to be driving around ferraris the next month... i couldnt take it anymore and i had enough about hearing how this guy was making his way to number 27 on the forbes list...


22-11-2007 05:54:19

Almost sounds like that MLM crap.


22-11-2007 08:48:36



22-11-2007 09:37:21

[quoteb6940b53c2="manOFice"]Almost sounds like that MLM crap.[/quoteb6940b53c2]
Lol yeah.
People these days...


22-11-2007 22:47:33

Well I have this juice here thats amazing..


22-11-2007 23:04:46

Sounds like a cult.


23-11-2007 13:05:56

[quote3ca70ad8d0="EatChex89"]Sounds like a cult.[/quote3ca70ad8d0]

Sounds like Quixtar. CULT!