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19-11-2007 16:57:08

Amazon has this awesome contest going on. I say we should all enter it. They have products for amazing price. Each product is lined up with two other products. The deal that gets the most votes will be the the deal that they offer. If you vote for the winning deal you have a chance at getting it.

One of the deals is a wii for $79!!! They will have a 1000 of them. Give it a try, I know I am. )


19-11-2007 17:00:35

I remember they did this for a 360 before right?


19-11-2007 17:04:52

Yes, except this time it is a total lottery. Of those people who vote for the winning item, only 1000 will be selected to have the chance to get it for that deal. )


19-11-2007 17:06:53

I"m so there then )


19-11-2007 19:23:52

Ive already voted a few days ago.


19-11-2007 19:51:32

i hope i get a wiiiiiiii.... but i doubt it...


19-11-2007 19:54:45

[quote083212d5e4="tjwor"]i hope i get a wiiiiiiii.... but i doubt it...[/quote083212d5e4]

same here brother )


19-11-2007 21:40:55

[quotefb1a16c0d9="manOFice"]I remember they did this for a 360 before right?[/quotefb1a16c0d9]

I didn't participate last year, but I'm definitely going to this year. Wii FTW!


19-11-2007 23:26:19

I'm in baby!


20-11-2007 01:00:15

Wait, so instead of having the winning item be up for grabs at the exact same time by everybody like last year, you have to do this vote and then 1000 people will be selected to get that deal?


20-11-2007 01:06:49

picking the most popular item is not necessarily the best thing because your chances of getting it will be a lot slimmer where as your chances for a runner up will be better although more expensive but still a good deal

sandra habina

20-11-2007 01:50:43

Thanks for sharing. Cool


20-11-2007 03:10:31

i ended up getting a 360 last year during thanksgiving for $99 (I think) because of the offer. I definitely want a cheap wii. I'll vote. Can you give me a link to vote?


20-11-2007 06:56:43

Nice, thanks for the heads up. I chose the most popular item in all the rounds except the 5th one. I chose the GPS system instead of the laptop (because the laptop has kinda crappy reviews). Oh well, should have known. lol


22-11-2007 00:02:27

[quote3a30228f81]We're sorry.

You weren't randomly selected to be offered this deal.[/quote3a30228f81]
Boo. I wasn't randomly selected for the Wii. It was the one I was most looking forward to (


22-11-2007 00:44:12

Boo I wasn't offered the Wii deal. Looks like I am camping out at Wal-Mart at 3am.


22-11-2007 09:58:32

Damn...I wish I saw this three days ago, I was really interested in that wii!


22-11-2007 10:01:04

Dang I really wanted the wii for $89. My sister really wants one, but $250 is just a lot.


22-11-2007 10:33:53

Wasnt selected for the PS3.


22-11-2007 17:59:15

Dangit, I wasn't selected (


22-11-2007 18:00:36

Anyone want the tv if I get it? We should trade deals that each of us "needs" heh.


23-11-2007 20:09:08

[quoteb63427c8c7="Powerbook"]Anyone want the tv if I get it? We should trade deals that each of us "needs" heh.[/quoteb63427c8c7]
Yeah but that'd only work if you know you're going to win for the next raffle.