Internet Air Cards

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16-11-2007 12:54:16

Who has one? I have one that work gave me and I'm on rt 90 in NY right now and the card has an amazing connection that is lightening fast!


16-11-2007 13:02:09

I hope you're watching the road.


16-11-2007 13:08:18

haha, yeah my wife is driving

sandra habina

16-11-2007 13:56:34

What is it? I know daaa huh


16-11-2007 14:52:41

My brother owns a cell phone store, and I've used one of those a few times.
They're great!
However I usually use my cell phone to use the internet (Cingular 8525 ftw).
I just wish that 3G was over here in the suburbs. It's currently on 2.5G, but whenever theres wifi available, I seize the opportunity.
Wifi is SO fast when compared to 2.5G.

I used 3G a few times in the city and it's very close to wifi in terms of speeds.