So, my GF's house got broken into...

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14-11-2007 12:50:08

She stayed at my house last night and when she went home this afternoon to shower and get around she opened her front door and her back door was wide open. She was worried so she called me about it, i came over and checked out the house. There was no one inside and everything was fine excecpt for her roomates room. Her roomate has been gone since friday. Her room was completely tore apart. The dressers were broken apart, tv was pushed off of the stand, her guitar was broke in half, and it was a disaster. We are getting ready to call the police after my girl gets out of the shower, and the girl who's room was tore up is on her way back (about a 2 hour drive)... Pretty shitty situation, i'll let you know when i find out what the real deal is. The people who were in there had to be looking for something, because they didn't take the xbox 360 or touch my girls room, so they were after something special, or they got scared and left after the first room...


14-11-2007 13:08:02

sounds like someone had an issue with her specifically and knew where she lived and which room was hers.

my good friend's niece had an on-going problem with a guy to the point where a restraining order was issued. he was constantly driving around the neighborhood and messing with her car (but nobody else's). one morning my dad found him drunk and passed out my parents driveway. my dad called the cops but the guy split before they showed up. he left his wallet and the cops nabbed him at his house. i was worried the guy would cause problems for my parents, but it never happened (thank goodness). kinda goes to show that if it's an estranged ex, they only have their focus on the person they were once involved with.

which city do you live in?




14-11-2007 16:35:42

I am going to have to say that somebody probably has a grudge against her. They didn't tear up anything in the house and went specifically to her room.


14-11-2007 18:40:52

Yeah, burglars aren't destroying your shit for fun and leaving easy-to-carry valuables. Seems like someone went specifically after her. Why would someone want to break her shit if their point was to steal it?