Evil Operator Prank

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14-11-2007 08:29:07

I got an e-mail this morning from MonkeyDoo. They have some pranks you can pull on your friends over the internet. You might know them from the Ring phone prank that was popular a while back. The newest one they have is "Evil Operator" which will connect two callers and record the conversation. I've used it once on a local pizza chain and got some good results )

You only get 2 minutes on the trial, but you can sign up and get 2 minutes every day. Use this thread to upload your recorded convos. If you know of a good audio upload service, feel free to share wink

Dion's Pizza prank

Link to the prank page


14-11-2007 09:39:14

I tried it and it's not working for me. . . it just keeps saying connecting callers


14-11-2007 15:19:32

I tried it this morning and it worked great. Tried it earlier today and it doesn't seem to work anymore. Maybe it's overloaded.


14-11-2007 18:09:03

I just used the "The Ring" Prank on my friend.
Haha he was like "omg dude someones calling me from 0000000000...That's creepy!"
Anyway, this sites really cool! I'll take a look at some other cool pranks later on tonight.

Also, I couldn't get the file you hosted to work...It says my WMP doesn't have the right codec.
Do I need something specific installed?