Need help getting Financial Ratios--Possible Reward

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14-11-2007 06:34:40

Any help will be greatly appreciated. OK, so I am a noob with these ratios. I keep calculating them somehow so they are way off from what they should be. I am using a balance sheet for the first time in my life. Can someone show me how and help me get these ratios online or some way?

I am looking for

current liabilities to net worth
current liabilities to inventories
total liabilities to net worth
fixed assets to net worth
collection period
sales to inventory, assets to sales
accounts payable to sales
return on sales
return on assets,
return on Net Worth

The companies I need are gateway inc., apple inc, and dell inc. It has to be 2004 data, because that is the data I collected for their industry. I am trying to collect these ratios for 2004 for these companies because I am trying to help them aid my presentation. I summarized how I felt these companies are doing, and some of these ratios will help me explain that. The problem is I am a noob with the balance sheet of these companies, so if a name is different for data I need, I do not know what to do. Any help will be greatly appreciated, and perhaps rewarded by a green of some sorts. ) Thanks guys.


14-11-2007 07:03:23

i'd start at investopedia...try a few of their calcs

I assume you have all the fundamental financial data already?


14-11-2007 07:05:47

Yup, however I am unclear on what to use. For example, some companies have like 20 different things of cash, well which cash do I pick? It's all there, but what do I use is the problem. At first I was like oh this is super simple. However, to find the actual number you need may not be if you are new to this.


14-11-2007 19:28:41

I tried my best. Some of the ratios are calculated incorrectly, but it was the best I could do with my knowledge. Thanks for the help Keith though. I wish I could have been more successful.