Need Music Help From Miami Trip Reward Added

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06-11-2007 06:03:25

I was at the Miami Hurricanes games last saturday at the O.B. Got alot of the songs stuck in my head, just wondering if anyone has been recently or a student there that can help me with the songs they played. I knew Soulja Boy but cant find the Hurricanes Version. Also I remember the song they came out to I think was sampled from Steam's Na Na Goodbye song. Any help would be greatly helpful.

If anyone can help I will reward you What I have to offer
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They do play some common song there so if u give me a song and I say I know it, Im not trying to be a cheap bastard and lie about prizes, and I know Soulja Boy Crank that Is A Hurricanes Remix done by a radio station down there, its not the crank dat MIA on youtube. If you help you pick sometin u want.


07-11-2007 17:32:15