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03-11-2007 12:13:05

Some of you know that my roommate is a music producer. Just over the past year he has made a lot of awesome contacts and is starting to work with Bad Boy Records. I guess this past weekend Diddy was going through hundreds of songs picking stuff out for the new Making the Band which is consisting of the girls and guys from the past two seasons moving in together and working on some music. Out of all these songs he picked two that he really liked. One of those was my roommates. So they flew him out to NYC this past week and he was there working with them. Halfway through the week he got a call from Brian Michael Cox's manager saying he wanted my roomy to put words to 3 songs that Brian just produced. For those of you that don't know who Brian is he is one of the top producers in the world. He produced music for artists like Maria Carey and Usher. So Roy is pumped and ready to go on the songs. He's pretty much done with them and I'll see if he'll let me throw up some samples. Right now Roy lives in my attic and we keep saying that if he keeps doin what he's doin that I'll be living in his attic.


03-11-2007 13:40:04

Wow that sounds awesome man!
Congrats to him!!


03-11-2007 14:31:32

sweet, I remember when he was touring with frankie J and other artists and you never hooked it up with tickets ( ( ;) ) Tell him congrats!!