360Elite4Free hacks?

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02-11-2007 15:46:31

Alright, first off, I apologize if this has already been discussed ad infinum. I did a search and found nothing that I was looking for.

I was just farting around on YouTube lookin' up freebie stuff (I was a little bored, I'll admit), and I stumbled upon a couple videos explaining how to hack 360Elite4Free.com so that you get infinite referrals.

This just boggles my mind. Even if it DID work that you got infinite referrals, TraInn's going to frigging check your refs, right? So you'll obviously never actually get anything for free. At best, you'll get a picture showing infinite referrals on your status page, but you'll never be able to order, right?

I mean, I don't want to do this, because frauding the freebie business helps NOBODY. But I can't deny that I'm curious. Is this simply a way for the "hackers" to get more refs (they usually post their ref link in the description)? Or can you truly hack the site, and receive a prize with no refs needed?

Can someone let me know? It's making my blood boil to think little twats are getting away with it. If someone can assure me it's a crock of shite, then I'll be happy. However, if someone can confirm it... ouch, then.

EDIT Another video claims that there's a hack code that the company gives out to a few employees a month, which allows them to get a free whatever, for their hard work and such. This is such crap.

Prove me wrong, though, please.


02-11-2007 16:01:29

Oh yeah, we do this all the time. So far I'm at a custom order of $1,452 and counting. Alan from Trainn and I joke about how good I am at getting infinite refs.


02-11-2007 16:11:35

That's awesome!! I'm so excited for you!! I have to go try it out myself, since I have your full-fledged support!! You wouldn't lie about this, not a user with almost 12,000 posts, and 129 karma. You just WOULDN'T be sarcastic. This is so awesome, I'm giddy with anticipation.

Thanks J4320 DD You're amazing!! Thanks for the help!!!


Now really, can someone debunk it for me? At least do so in a more empirical way than J4320.


02-11-2007 16:40:10

Obviously this doesn't work. Alan is still the girl I dream of[=http//dreamgirldogg.ytmnd.com/]the girl I dream of though.


02-11-2007 16:47:47

To logic, yes, it's obvious that it wouldn't work. But, I can't count the number of non-freebie people who, to their logic, believed freebie sites to not work. So, if their logic is faulty, what's to say our's is any better?

Now that you posted a YTMND link, I completely forgive your sarcasm. OMGWTFBBQ, PTKFGS, NSMB... too many lawls.


02-11-2007 16:58:19

Ask this guy. He's hacked it before. He can tell you how.



02-11-2007 17:03:48

I should ask him, that'd be funny. Even though these hacks are garbage, you can tell by reading the comments that I bet they've got a few free refs out of it.

Makes you think...


02-11-2007 17:21:31

Can you link us to the video(s) or something?


02-11-2007 19:01:06

Sure thing, the one I've been watching the most, and actually got the poster of it to reply to is HERE[=http//www.youtube.com/watch?v=xj4AJoD2nmc]HERE.

Have a larf at him, and post some comments.


02-11-2007 19:08:19


He justs wants you to sign up w/ his ref link and complete an instant offer. Hes not the only one.


02-11-2007 20:14:08

That user should be put on hold as he's obviously 12.


02-11-2007 21:02:50


"I took your link and youtube video and asked the site if the hack was true. We'll see what they say when they respond my ticket."

little boy
"retarted fuck. they will never say yes/ they will just ban you you idiot. have fun you fuck."


02-11-2007 21:37:20

Alan's response about this in another forum was
" lol "


02-11-2007 21:59:25

Please tell me trainn will put that kid on hold.


02-11-2007 22:03:30

Oh wow, I love this. Turned out better than I could've hoped. Kidd, beautiful. Broke that little fella's balls DD


02-11-2007 23:33:06

He does not yet have balls.


03-11-2007 08:00:32

i really don't understand how anyone would think there was some sort of hack to get unlimited referrals. his referral bar was empty so obviously his hack didn't work and it was just a hilarious scam to get youtubers to click on his referral link.

also, refl refl refl


03-11-2007 12:34:10


I didnt submit a support ticket, but I will contact support right now. I didnt want to report him, but he pissed me off. twisted


03-11-2007 22:11:24

sorry for the double post, but figured its worth a bump.

I got this pm from the kid

[quote4e95c98ddd][b4e95c98ddd]bro so did you complete the offer.[/b4e95c98ddd] if i was you then before you get banned try my hack code get the infinite referrals get your item and then get banned for that innacurate support ticket. for more hack info watch my video.[/quote4e95c98ddd]


Still awaiting response from Trainn...


04-11-2007 05:52:40

Haha...I'm going to report this kid too.
His posts were rediculous.

and he's 12...


05-11-2007 19:04:29

So I was talking to the little bugger on MSN, and I was telling him I was interested in his hack, but I needed some proof. I went on saying that if it turned out it wasn't real, that I'd report him to all the site owners, and a bunch of other garbage. Well, he confirmed that there was no hack, and that he was just a little kid desperate for refs.

Funny thing was that he said he was in the process of ordering a Wii from TraInn (legitimately), but because some of you reported his video to Alan, he got banned network-wide, and never got his Wii D


05-11-2007 19:40:31

what is wrong with this kid...he admits he violated to TOS, so he moves on to the 123 sites...



05-11-2007 19:52:37

I'm guessing "athleticboy313" is his brother's/friend's account and "Gr3enBl0od" is a new account he made today. roll