i guess this is good bye :(

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30-10-2007 13:42:00

due to recent events.. i dont know how much longer i will be able to log on here or participate in the freebie community (.. i think its pretty safe to say ihave lost my job and in turn my residence (.. i will miss all of the people i have met here and traded with.. im out of options really.. couldnt get the sites done quick enough and picking up the hours at the restaurant weren't helping.. i hope yall dont see this as a whiney thread.. just a good bye i guess.. i have really enjoyed my second home here on the forums the past 8 months.. will miss all the people i can call "cyber friends" here ).. i honestly dont know what will happen now.. maybe i can pull something outta my ass but i think im too far behind right now to be able to catch in the time frame needed.. i'll miss all of yall and reading thru all the silly posts and the thought provoking ones and trading (... i will still be able to log on for the next few days tho i guess.. to the people i am in trades with.. if you go green i will do my best to get you paid timely.. this whole thing just sux (

Shawn G.

sandra habina

30-10-2007 14:30:19

So sorry to hear this Shawn, you have been an asset to our community.

Hang in there dear - think positive for positive actions. I have enjoyed many of your posts and chats. I will miss ya sweetie.


30-10-2007 14:33:35

thank you ).. im gonna miss yall too (.. i hope things can work out


30-10-2007 14:37:42

Sucks man. Anything we can do for you?


30-10-2007 14:44:47

not unless ya know some good quick greeners.. heh.. i will really miss it here tho... im hoping one day to return.. yall have been real cool.. im gonna do what i can to try to keep everything alive so to speak.. i just dunno when or if i will be able to.. boss wants me to call him back later but i still dont think im gonna be able to stay there (.. i thank yall for the kind words tho )


30-10-2007 14:49:30

That is a bummer, should just do some quick sites. Should be easy to get $500-1000 within the week which could then hold you over for a few until you can get more sites done. I would think you could make your house payments with checks that come in after you make it over this initial tough period.


30-10-2007 15:02:48

i did go back to going green a lil bit ago.. the creditting was awful and i wa sout more than i profitted.. logged into my paypal this morning to see another offer burned me for about 39.. one burned me for 10 week or so ago.. lease renews next month and im too far behind now.. i will come up with something to rectify things that happened.. would be real easy to give up right now but i cant do that.. i just have to pound the pavement


30-10-2007 20:05:06

Doesnt make sense leaving.... it's a couple extra bucks here and there.

Take time off and get the situation settled and come back.

use the freebie money you make to pay off other bills on the side.


30-10-2007 20:20:06

goin downtown tomorrow to check out the restaurants there.. hear there is money to be made plus the holiday season.. very big time for restaurants and where im lookin is a place where there is a lot of money flowing.. things MAY be able to turn out ok.. will have to see.. i would love to get the 2 sites i been workin flipped soon.. been tough with the crediting lately tho (.. kinda feeling all is not completely lost yet tho.. but i am thinking of options for the near future just in case.. im gonna call it a night and lay down and read some in my book.. i realy appreciate oll the words of encouragement i have received here and on the other forum.. as i said i will keep all posted as to what happens when it happens.. might try to get some greens tomorrow.. night everybody )


30-10-2007 20:22:24

So are you saying that you are going to be homeless?


31-10-2007 06:39:56

gonna do everything in my power not to be.. im at terryisheres right now.. i have a new admin message at rocketbils but scared to log in to see what it is.. my internet is shut off right now.. so im chceknig everything over here.. gonna go downtown today and look for work.. im hopin to be back in the game soon guys.. gonna miss yall till i do



31-10-2007 06:54:32

Good luck on the job hunt )


07-11-2007 09:30:21

hey everybody ).. just a quick update om me.. i am now out of my apartment.. doin the hotel thing starting today.. have a good lead on a restaurant downtown in the MONEY district ;).. hopefully be gainfully employed again by the weekend and soon to be back on my feet.. the area im looking to work has a lot of bankers and business types that eat down there.. better clientel and better volume.. can make upwards of a G or more a week.. keepin my spirits up and actually feelin good about things.. i was drowning at my old job and very unhappy which didnt make me very easy to be around to some people ;).. at mi madres trrryishere's place now on her cvomputer checking on some things and gettin a few things taken care of.. just figgered id give an update on my current situation and yall will be seeing me again full time soon so watch out ;)

Shawn G.


07-11-2007 11:32:53

hope it all works out.


07-11-2007 12:04:10

Good to know!

sandra habina

07-11-2007 16:51:40

Glad to here it is looking up Shawn. Thankyou for greening for me sweetie. I appreciate your help - you still got it!!!!


And call your mom more - she worries.


12-11-2007 10:38:38

me again.. no good news.. havent heard from restaurant.. out of where i was staying today.. dunno where i will be tonight.. at the storage place now.. they have a public com[puter which is where i was loggin on from.. gonna try to pawn some shit (.. i will let yall know what goes on when i can.. trying to do work today paid today things right now.. getting bleak but still trying to work things out


13-11-2007 16:30:10

When I was broke I did security....

It's not much maybe 9 per hour but it helps, look into it if you can.

Go to you local government assisted job service and try to get benefits as well, you can pm me and I'll see if I can help you.


13-11-2007 16:30:52


Dr. Doom

13-11-2007 20:02:21


Didn't know you, but your situations sounds shitty. Good luck.