Nostradamus: The Lost Book

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28-10-2007 20:14:50

Did anyone watch this special on the history channel? It was very interested, and again, something else points to "2012." Not to get into a debate or anything, but the Mayans, the Bible Code, and Nostradamus points to 2012.

Also, the way Nostradamus sees it with the alignment of everthing and that "secret 13th constellation" is extremely interesting as well, especially the part with the alignments and the eclipses which occurs only every 13,000 years, and that's coming up soon...2012.



28-10-2007 21:07:11

According to the X-Files, which has never let me down by the way, alien colonization shall occur on December 12, 2012. This is the end of the Mayan calendar.


28-10-2007 21:12:31

yeah ill believe it when i see it


28-10-2007 23:58:02

[quote1ae98ff662="ragefu"]yeah ill believe it when i see it[/quote1ae98ff662]

I imagined you saying this so matter-of-factly and it made me LOL


29-10-2007 00:40:28

excellent, aliens, looking forward to it.


29-10-2007 02:45:48

I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords

What I really fear is World War 3, which is going to last 27 years... and start in the year 1999. roll


29-10-2007 03:28:49

[quotef5467540b8="aviendha47"]excellent, aliens, looking forward to it.[/quotef5467540b8]
Oh it will happen.
David Duchovny has never let me down.


29-10-2007 19:15:30

[quote39e62d96ff="CollidgeGraduit"]I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords[/quote39e62d96ff]
roffles lol . Isn't that from one of the Simpson's episodes?


29-10-2007 19:29:49

I don't believe in that shenanigans.


30-10-2007 14:34:35

Nostradamus is a fraud. It's not a prediction if it can't be deciphered until after the fact. They're all so broad that you can apply the "prediction" to a thousand different things. It's the same way with bible predictions too (wars, natural disasters, etc).