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23-10-2007 15:57:57

If this has been posted before, my bad. I did a search and looked through a reasonable amount of hits and didn't turn up anything.

Do any of you earn extra cash online other than doing freebie sites? I'm looking to make a few hundred extra a month for various reasons(I'll spare you the sob stories).

Anyway, if anyone has any insight I'd greatly apprecite any tips. I've looked into marketing affiliate sites with ad words etc, but you cant redirect back to an affiliate link anymore, you have to have a landing page.


23-10-2007 20:52:23

hmm.. hafta have a loandin page nowadays ya say?.. cuz im also interested as well. it IS sad that 99 percent of what ya read and find on the internet is BULLSHIT.. in my experience. RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH.. i dont claim or boast about making thousands of month in the freebie scene.. i would LOVE to.. but this is a waiting game and takes a lot of patience.. which sometimes i dont have.. but i HAVE started some other out after i was completing my own sites.. i cant give you one other thing right now that actually DOES make money on line but i wil always try.. i HONESTLY do enjoy the FiPG forums.. they are my home and i have met and had discussions with some pretty disco ppl here.. but as i said above.. research research research.. dont take ANYTHING at face value.. freebie sites ARE a way of making money on line.. albeit they can not ALWAYS be very stable and van frustrate you.. but this IS legit.. so dont get discouraged if ya dont make between 2-5 g's a month like project payday said you would.. some of us just dont have that amount of TIME right now to spend 10-14 hrs. a day doing this.. dont give up and if yer really wantin to see if this is for real then i can trade with you ;).. but in all seriousness this is a legit thing here.. but it will NOT make you a milionaire.. but you WILL make money doin this.. and it CAN be a steppin stone into other things as well on line.. cuz once you make yer FIRST money on line.. you will realize it CAN be done and you wil become an addict like the majkority of us ;)

Shawn G.