Guitar Hero III questions

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23-10-2007 15:34:11

1. It says that the release date is Oct 28 for the US. I thought that games came out on Tuesdays? Anyone know if this is the real date?

2. I asked at GameStop if there would be a single guitar controller (JUST the controller, not with the bundle) available for the Wii, and they said no. I really wanna have two controllers. Is there gonna be a third party controller for Wii?


23-10-2007 15:43:07 says the 28th, and that's the only date I've heard it's coming out (can't wwaaiiitt!!!)

As far as the Wii controller, I did a quick search on scorehero forum and couldn't find anything. I didn't look too deep though shrug


23-10-2007 16:17:48

I thought it was 29th, but now that I check again, the interweb says 28th. Cool.


24-10-2007 07:10:24

its the 28th i have it reserved at gamestop right now


24-10-2007 19:05:15

Ok, thanks guys for confirming the date. I've kinda accepted the fact that there won't be a single controller at the time of release, but has anyone heard of one in the near future?


24-10-2007 19:34:43

I only care about this for Carcinogen Crush....


24-10-2007 21:25:12

I would bet money that eventually there would be an official extra controller out or at least a 3rd party one out within the near future, especially nearing the Christmas would be retarded if there wasn't.


25-10-2007 16:34:42

I've been playing it since Tuesday on my PS2.

Mixed feelings.


27-10-2007 18:30:40

The Gamestop near me is doing some midnight thing tonight.


27-10-2007 18:58:26

I'm picking it up tomorrow morning. Just got my 5 star all songs on Expert achievement on GHII 360. Misirlou was a real bitch.


29-10-2007 11:12:23

Wow... never heard "Cliffs of Dover" by Eric Johnson before, but... wow. LOVING it.


29-10-2007 18:07:59

Cliffs is definitely my favorite song and one of the main reasons I wanted GH3. It's such a masterpiece.


29-10-2007 18:49:24

[quote59b1593779="Fr1zzank"]Wow... never heard "Cliffs of Dover" by Eric Johnson before, but... wow. LOVING it.[/quote59b1593779]

Same here. I play it over and over just to listen to the song


29-10-2007 19:29:54

I don't see how anybody will be able to get five stars on the Holiday in Cambodia song. The intro to that is ridiculous.


03-11-2007 14:35:48

I got 5 stars on every song up to the 7th tier on my first try on expert. shrug


03-11-2007 17:05:37

I want to get it for my Wii, but I've heard there's some issues with stereo sound? I heard that it only plays mono.