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17-10-2007 15:14:50

If you want a quick $10 post here, then send me a pm with your name and email.

I'll send you an invite and all you do is sign up and verify your phone#. That's it, you'll be $10 richer!

Thanks, so much.

P.S. you have to sign up to get the $10, when you do it will be in your account!
(everyone could use a prepaid VISA)


17-10-2007 15:16:41

http//www.fstdt.com/funnyimages/uploads/384.png[" alt=""/imgb65e652cec]


17-10-2007 15:17:46

I like the SeaGreen approach though.


17-10-2007 15:50:57

[b97c2461ccd]I would like $10... Please spam me with more details...[/color97c2461ccd][/b97c2461ccd]


17-10-2007 16:58:22

i think I did it wrong, did I have to click on the "HERE" or just anywhere on the title? I clicked, and I don't have $10 for free yet... when should I expect it?


17-10-2007 19:53:56

$10 dollarz pls thks


17-10-2007 20:11:11

$10 plz ur gunna be in so much debt hahaha


18-10-2007 13:01:55

I feel so dirty now ( I clicked and still don't have my $10.00



18-10-2007 13:35:08

Hey remember that time that ak_mypayday was banned? That was funny.

sandra habina

19-10-2007 07:37:07

[quote68c9a701e0="Twon"]Hey remember that time that ak_mypayday was banned? That was funny.[/quote68c9a701e0]

Hey Twon - he is worse at figuring out the sizes and colors than me LOL P P P P