Which HD-DVD movies do you own?

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15-10-2007 15:05:04

I'm debating whether or not to get an HD-DVD add-on to my 360. I know movies are coming out all the time on HD-DVD, Transformers comes out tomorrow.

I'm curious to see which ones people own.



15-10-2007 15:11:28

-The Matrix Trilogy
-Smokin' Aces
-Blood Diamond
-The Departed
-King Kong (comes with)


15-10-2007 15:43:29

I would pay a bit more and get a toshiba HD-A2 stand alone for $199 (saw the deal today at buydig.com). That way, if your 360 goes down it's no problem and I'm sure you get better playback quality with this player.

Or wait until black friday for some deals. You'll also get 5 free titles either way.


15-10-2007 19:20:50

I don't have much of a collection right now and plan to work on it soon, but at the moment I own "The Christmas Story" (family tradition to watch it Christmas Eve... Now that I own a 50" plasma and XBox 360/HD DVD drive, there's no way we'll be watching it in standard def anymore!), "Lucky # Slevin" (quite possibly my favorite movie of all time) and I've preordered "Transformers" (shipped today coincidently).


16-10-2007 00:50:20

[quote905f290c84="tylerc"]-The Matrix Trilogy
-Smokin' Aces
-Blood Diamond
-The Departed
-King Kong (comes with)[/quote905f290c84]

There you go 8)

Here is my list so far

li The Big Lebowski
li Planet Earth (The original BBC version)
li Superman Returns
li The Hulk
li Meet The Parents
li Meet The Fockers
li Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas
li Enter The Dragon
li Dog Day Afternoon
li King Kong (comes with Xbox HD DVD player)
li Goodfellas

... and if you can count it Digital Video Essentials (the perfect calibrating tool for your HDTV... comes with online support, color filters and everything).

As for future titles, I plan on getting Blazing Saddles, Casino, Full Metal Jacket, and a few others by the end of this month.

Transformers is not my cup of tea (though I enjoyed the cartoons when I was a kid)... Its sure to be a hot seller.


16-10-2007 08:00:29

We have a local store here in fargo that sells used ones for 7.99-9.99. Right now I have "The Phantom of the Opera" and "The world Trade Centers". However, I just get them at the cheap price and ebay them.


16-10-2007 08:40:58

I'll definitely be getting Transformers, I've never seen Casino though, is it good?


16-10-2007 14:42:14

Casino is somewhat of a classic. By all means, check it out.


16-10-2007 17:01:08

If I had an hdtv or a player, which I have neither of, I would get 300 and Sin City for sure...


20-10-2007 21:16:23

Check this out

If I had $180 to spare, I would get this even though I don't have an hdtv...


20-10-2007 22:08:13

I almost bought the HD addon for 360 when I saw they were giving away 9 free HD dvds with it, but then I remembered that HD DVD is going to fail and didn't bother getting it.


21-10-2007 08:33:02

[quote17804a3de0="tylerc"]I'll definitely be getting Transformers, I've never seen Casino though, is it good?[/quote17804a3de0]

If you're a fan of Goodfellas, you're going to like Casino.

I just bought 3 new movies, "The Good Shepherd", "Batman Begins" and "IMAX Blue Planet + The Dream Is Alive".

The two IMAX documentaries are a little over an hour and a half combined, but the HD video quality is great for film thats 17 and 22 years old respective. I would recommend this HD DVD (and its only $18.95).


21-10-2007 17:47:18

The XBOX 360 HD DVD drives are pretty nice, and they also upconvert regular DVD's. We have a 52'' 720p HD TV with it and both HD and regular DVDs look great with it.


22-10-2007 10:08:07

Here is my list so far

li Superman Returns
li The Hulk
li Meet The Fockers



22-10-2007 10:30:11

I don't have any (


22-10-2007 11:06:54

How do you know HD-Dvd will fail? This war isn't over yet. Sony has been known to screw things up in the past with formats.


22-10-2007 12:02:04

[quote3da10fde22="Powerbook"]How do you know HD-Dvd will fail? This war isn't over yet. Sony has been known to screw things up in the past with formats.[/quote3da10fde22]

http/" alt=""/img143.imageshack.us/img="143/2073/user21811157787858ge0.jpg[" alt=""/img3da10fde22]


22-10-2007 16:29:16

[quotef9a06ebba2="mnx12"][quotef9a06ebba2="Powerbook"]How do you know HD-Dvd will fail? This war isn't over yet. Sony has been known to screw things up in the past with formats.[/quotef9a06ebba2]

http/" alt=""/img143.imageshack.us/img="143/2073/user21811157787858ge0.jpg[" alt=""/imgf9a06ebba2][/quotef9a06ebba2]

[img="f9a06ebba2]http//www.steelbender.com/pictures/sonymddiscb.jpg[" alt=""/imgf9a06ebba2]


22-10-2007 18:30:42

I don't really like Sony as a company and their many iterations of the memory stick have annoyed me to no end. Still, I'd like to try to be objective and point out that they co-invented CDs and DVDs.

I'm still pissed that they couldn't agree on one standard.


23-10-2007 04:48:42

For fans of the "Heroes" television program

Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive, "Heroes" Season 1 Box Set, "King Kong" (+5 free HD DVDs in the mail) for $178.99 with free shipping


[quotec4b0cb6d31]Universal and Microsoft have teamed up to offer the 'Heroes Season One' HD DVD box set free with sales of the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on.

The promo kicked off yesterday and is set to run for 1-2 weeks at select retailers. (So far, it has been spotted at Buy.com and at Best Buy.)[/quotec4b0cb6d31]



23-10-2007 11:35:11

h3x, look like 10 posts above you....


23-10-2007 11:46:36

[quoteadc77abf43="mnx12"]h3x, look like 10 posts above you....[/quoteadc77abf43]

no one knows what format will win out yet. last time i heard the adult industry is staying hd-dvd which means a lot of things....


23-10-2007 12:54:10

Holy hell. That's a lot of HD-DVD's. I wonder how close you could come to breaking even if you sold all of them.


23-10-2007 13:33:12

Just picked up Transformers on HD-DVD today )