Archos 605 or iPod Touch??

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14-10-2007 12:44:47

Help me decide guys, I already have the iPod Touch and it kicks ass, but I'm disappointed with the 16gb and Safari is not flash enabled. I can get the 80gb Archos 605 WiFi for $50 less and get more capacity and flash enabled web browser ($30 more).

Basically I'm wondering if anyone has every used Archos or has this particular one and can give a review.


14-10-2007 13:45:56

there are a handful of posts about the archos on gizmodo and engadget



the 605 does look clunkier than the touch, but the HDD is so much bigger (if you're someone who needs a big HD).

i finally saw an actual touch at costco last night, it's smaller than it looks on tv.

no matter which one you use, you're going to look pimp



14-10-2007 13:53:05

I'd keep the iPod Touch so you can look like a pimp.



14-10-2007 15:08:04

ive got a touch too and love it. The archos is too big to be pocketable so no go for me


14-10-2007 15:10:34

[quote4e677a968a="J4320"]I'd keep the iPod Touch so you can look like a pimp.

Well, I have been getting some serious ass because of the Touch, but all dem hos can talk about is how small my HDD is and it's really eating into my ego yo cry , I mean one of them even laughed in my face till I backhanded her one more again grant my girlies with the pleasure they don't deserve or be selfish and get more ass....decisions, decisions ?

Really though, this is what I have so far...

[u4e677a968a]Ipod Touch [/u4e677a968a] ---------------------------[u4e677a968a]Archos [/u4e677a968a]
Measly HDD --------------------------- Beastly HDD
Lasts longer --------------------------- Lasts almost the same amount (for vids at least)
Eats my wallet-------------------------Save $51 (-$30 for browser)

I don't know about quality because I only have the Touch, but I'm no audiophile anyways. Any reviews out there (besides company reviews, I feel they are sometimes biased, user reviews tend to be more honest)


14-10-2007 15:13:48

[quote3fd2361e32="bonehead848"]ive got a touch too and love it. The archos is too big to be pocketable so no go for me[/quote3fd2361e32]
I don't know about that, this is what I read from cnet

[quote3fd2361e32]Measuring 4.75 inches wide, 3.25 inches tall, and just a hair more than a half-inch thick, the 605 strikes that front-pocket sweet spot; it's big enough to do video justice, yet small and thin enough to comfortably fit in your pants pocket.[/quote3fd2361e32]

If I can fit 12in. in my pants, I can fit 5


14-10-2007 17:22:33

iPod Touch... hands down. I own an iPhone (same features as the touch) and I have absolutely NO DESIRE to own any other device... I don't care about the price, the HDD... nothing. Besides, that Archos thing is just TOO BIG... the iPod Touch is so sleek... tiny. It's size is perfect. As for your concerns, take these things into consideration

Flash support is coming soon in the form of a firmware update... it wont be long. I've read elsewhere Apple was waiting on the mobile version of Flash, which isn't so hard on the battery... nonetheless, it shouldn't be long.

As for the measly HDD, if you can connect to wifi, you can stream as much as your computer's hard drive will hold.

You have two options. The option I'm using now is Telekinesis (Mac only). It has a ton of features including remote desktop (which is next to worthless... very buggy). I use it within my home network, but I believe it can be configured for use through wifi, so you can access every video (only formats that are supported) and song on your Mac. It doesn't compress anything, but sends an unadultered stream directly to your iPod Touch to be played using it's internal media player. So, the quality is just like your playing it FROM your iPod Touch... no buffering on my home network. You can even open certain documents.

It also has an iTunes remote feature... you can change tracks and adjust the volume using your Touch.

The 2nd option (works with Windows and Mac) now has a free version. It's called Dot.Tunes. I've never used it but I see they have a free version and as soon as I post this, I'm checking it out. This too lets you access your entire music library from your iPod Touch/iPhone via WiFi.

So, if you can connect to WiFi, that 16GB hard drive means nothing... you can still listen to whatever you got on your home computer.

Stick with the iPod Touch.


14-10-2007 22:36:24

I think I'm going to get the Touch when I fine a decent site for the 16 GB one. I did really want the Archos before, but I think I'll like the Touch better myself.


15-10-2007 09:06:40

So since my campus has wireless everywhere, the ipod touch can get internet everywhere then? I don't know anything about htem yet but i'm just throwin this out there. If so I may need to start working on one.


15-10-2007 09:15:05

[quote5eaad50f40="goof"]So since my campus has wireless everywhere, the iPod touch can get internet everywhere then? I don't know anything about htem yet but i'm just throwin this out there. If so I may need to start working on one.[/quote5eaad50f40]

Yes, the iPod Touch and the iPhone can connect to any wireless network, as long as you're getting a decent signal. It's a great feature. I just wish more places had WiFi. Oh well.


15-10-2007 17:00:18

Hmm, thanks for the opinion tomlinson, the desktop connect via wifi is great, but I need something out on the road when I can't connect anywhere. It's tough, but I'll figure out something soon. The browser on the touch has been a little buggy for me at times, especially the zoom which is an absolute must for such a small screen (archos does have a bigger screen too). The best thing the touch has is the futuristic good looks.

Thanks to everyone though, I'll spread some good karma around.