MP3 Splitting Program?

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13-10-2007 21:14:53

I have an mp3 that contains a hidden track in it, so its like 15 minutes long. I want to split the two up into separate tracks without any transcoding or changing quality or settings. Anyone know a program that can do this?


13-10-2007 21:16:03

Audacity? I know you could cut the part out and resave it, atleast I think


13-10-2007 21:17:56

Oh thats a good idea, but that would change the quality and settings wouldnt it?


13-10-2007 21:24:15

I'm not real sure, i've only used it a few times messing around with it. I'm sure someone else would know more about it


13-10-2007 21:27:09

It will work good enough for what I want to do. I should have thought about using that before haha. Thanks, +karma

Getstuff4free Kyle

13-10-2007 21:53:56

I have a program on my computer called Total Recorder that I like. You have to pay for it, but it's not much. There's a demo, but I don't remember what the limitations are on the demo.


13-10-2007 23:58:15

i use a wave editing program after converting it to wave. then i recode as an mp3


13-10-2007 23:58:40

i cannot remember the name of the program but i will check when i get home


14-10-2007 00:39:51

garage band ;)


14-10-2007 00:46:15

Use Audacity. You'll be fine.


14-10-2007 11:30:48

mp3directcut, as its name implies, will split it up directly.


18-10-2007 15:46:36

I went to school for a while for Music Production and Studio Engineering and have been in some local bands for quite sometime ( I have Adobe Audition and Cool Edit Pro and access to Pro tools. I can split the track up for you if you want with no quality loss.