It's been a LONG time, free sites still viable?

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12-10-2007 09:23:01

Hello everyone. I haven't been to this place in a long time, but I was just wondering if there was still money to be made with free sites (plenty of trading?). What do you guys think?


12-10-2007 09:25:09

No to trading, yes to DIY.


13-10-2007 12:06:11

Yeah theres money to be made, you already have a nice TR so it shouldn't be too hard for you to get a few refs here and there.


16-10-2007 09:26:01

I just want to know what killed trading. It seemed to be alot better than it is now.


16-10-2007 09:44:21

It is SLOW right now...


16-10-2007 09:47:42

It is a little slow, but there still is definitely a lot of money to be made with trading. DIY sites will always be around, as long as there are advertisers willing to pay.


16-10-2007 10:06:45

People have gotten smarter.
They are like "Hmmm.... I can do one offer and then post a thread and work really hard for a couple weeks to trade 5 other people and do 5 other offers to get $250..... or... I can just do 4 offers in 10 minutes and get $1,000"


16-10-2007 10:22:05

A bunch of new people started in early 2007 wanting to just be paid to sign up, then they decided that they wanted refs too, so now there are way to many people trying to get refs.


16-10-2007 11:15:24

If I could have stuck to just greening, I definitely would have! Unfortunately, the turnover rate for offers is too slow to do that. And at the time, I needed money to spend on summer vacation for my kids. That's why I got into buying refs. But now, I don't have any specific immediate needs, so I have plenty of time to wait for more offers and get the occasional ref or two.

Site owners... maybe you can strongly encourage your affiliate networks to have a faster turnover rate for offers, or maybe put them up in cycles, or just plain get more advertisers - or something!! Never hurts to drop a hint now and then...