Recommend some RAP songs....

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10-10-2007 14:53:36

Post a rap song or songs for others to check out
Foxx - I'm not myself right now
Khaled - Brown Paper Bag


10-10-2007 15:47:09

Immortal Technique-Dance With the Devil



10-10-2007 15:56:01

^ I've heard that song before. I like it because the song is actually well thought out compared to most stuff.


10-10-2007 16:21:19

ya rly


10-10-2007 16:43:12

Can't tell me nothing

Love that song.
In fact I love KanYe's whole album.


10-10-2007 17:00:28

Lloyd - Get it Shawty


10-10-2007 17:05:31

Nujabes (artist) - Feather
Timbaland - The Way I Are (thanks Tyler)
K-OS - Man I Used To Be
The Streets - Let's Push Things Forward
Lupe Fiasco - Kick, Push
Mos Def - Ghetto Rock
Nas - Where Are They Now
Outkast - B.O.B.
Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip - Thou Shalt Always Kill


10-10-2007 17:10:54

Linkin Park - Nobody's Listening[=http//'s%20Listening.mp3]Linkin Park - Nobody's Listening


I kid I kid.


10-10-2007 17:16:55

Kanye West- Stronger

50 cent- ayo technology (i think?)


10-10-2007 17:47:47

[quotecc1ae9775d="Powerbook"]Kanye West- Stronger

50 cent- ayo technology (i think?)[/quotecc1ae9775d]

that 50 song rocks


10-10-2007 17:48:21

Gorilla Zoe - Money Up

Gorilla Zoe - Money Man

Lil Wayne - Pill Poppin


10-10-2007 17:54:13

Damn I've got a million...Tight thread...

Sage Francis - Makeshift Patriot
Joe Budden - Three Sides to a Story
Joe Budden - The Future
Canibus - Poet Laureate
Papoose - ABCDs
Nas - Poison
J Dilla - Geek Down
Canibus - Channel Zero
Canibus - What's Goin On
Canibus - Niggonometry
Canibus - Get Retarded
Lupe Fiasco, Mike Shinoda, Ghostface Killa - Spraypaint
Lupe Fiasco - Heat under the Babyseat
Lupe Fiasco - Twilight Zone
Lupe Fiasco - Handcuffs
Lupe Fiasco - Outty 5000
Black Star - Children's Story
Black Star - Theives in the Night
Mike Shinoda - Kenshi (??)
Sage Francis - Crack Pipes
Sage Francis - Broken Wings
Sage Francis - Sea Lion

I wonder why it poured out of me in that order....So many more I can't think of right now...


10-10-2007 19:31:58

Yung Joc-See it for yourself (remix feat. wayne, jim jones)
50 Cent-I Get Money (Forbes 1,2,3 Remix feat. Diddy, Jay-Z)
Jay-Z feat Pharrell-Blue Magic
Khaled-I'm so hood remix
Red Cafe-Dolla Bill (remix feat. juelz, kingston, busta rhymes)


10-10-2007 19:39:28

Welcome to the Terrordome - Public Enemy


10-10-2007 20:41:45

Khaled- We takin over


10-10-2007 21:46:04

aesop rock- daylight

atmophere - god loves ugly

illogic - 1000 whispers


10-10-2007 21:46:18

'game is to be taught so let me teach yo ass a lesson'
none of that mainstream rap superstar boo shiet and straight up california crest side pimpin yadadamean!?
grown shit[=http//]grown shit
not my job[=http//]not my job
the crest[=http//]the crest
game im spittin[=http//]game im spittin


15-10-2007 14:53:00

this is a good thread...anyone else out there got some songs?


15-10-2007 18:49:27

Onyx - What's Onyx
Vanilla Ice (with La The Darkman) - Hip Hop Rules
Xzibit - Multiply (Break Yourself on the same CD is good too)
Ultramagnetic MCs - Critical Beatdown (it's in GTA San Andreas)

i also heard a good song from Sir-Mix-A-Lot the other day. i think it was on the Swass CD. don't know what track tho. same deal with a Cypress Hill track.

of course i know other good tracks, but it's kinda pointless to suggest 2Pac tracks or other really popular stuff... plus i just can't pick out the best tracks even when looking at my cd list.


15-10-2007 19:13:43

[quote1effec38a1="gnznroses"][b1effec38a1]Ultramagnetic MCs - Critical Beatdown (it's in GTA San Andreas)

15-10-2007 22:44:37

Talib Kweli - Listen
Joell Ortiz - Hip Hop


17-10-2007 06:47:45

Common - Be


17-10-2007 10:17:56

some of my favs from back in da day
skeelo- i wish
public enemy- he got game
paperboy- ditty

rap nowadays isn't what it used to be with all those gimmicky songs like crank dat, walk it out, and crap like that.


17-10-2007 12:07:02

[quotec6dc31c56e="wsucougs08"]some of my favs from back in da day
skeelo- i wish
public enemy- he got game
paperboy- ditty

rap nowadays isn't what it used to be with all those gimmicky songs like crank dat, walk it out, and crap like that.[/quotec6dc31c56e]

Yeah, all the mainstream/ringtone rap songs that are out nowadays completely suck, they have no lyrical talent whatsoever they just wanna make a catchy song to get radio play. It gets annoying as hell when you can't even turn on the radio anymore without hearing Souljah Boy or some other overplayed song. I just listen to the mixtape tracks that the artists I like put out, those at least have lyrical talent. Anyway, heres a list of some more tracks that are pretty good

Mario feat Juelz Santana-Let Me Watch
Lil Wayne and Juelz-Do My Thang
Dj Envy and Red Cafe-Move Like a G
Mobb Deep feat 50 Cent-Creep


17-10-2007 14:58:49

Dead Prez - Hip Hop
Tech N9ne - Midwest Choppers
Andre Nickatina - Jungle

Could go on...just 3 that came to my head.