Freebie Sites Yes? or No?

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09-10-2007 20:20:57

So who else got screwed over by these stupid freebie sites. -0 I completed six sites SIX. and not one ever gave me a fing green. It would always be either half a credit or one credit never comes through. And then I would be stuck on some lame offers no one even wants to do because not even worth what you will be getting out from it. And don't anyone even bs me about cookies or not doing things right bullslit I did everything right. Yet these greedy basterds wont even credit you. One site even had the audacity to send me this in response for a 1/2 a damn credit -\ so yeah... this is really gay is anyone else facing this problem? I now cant even do worthwhile sites because It seems like there arn't any offers that are doable im kind of stuck on a TR of 2 due to my other 6 not crediting. Anyway thats one of the main thing thats keept me from doing much with this site I came back to it a few days ago but realized why I left. The crediting system isn't 100% successful.

On 08/13/07 user Alesha wrote
Most sites don't allow them because we all use the same publishers and they aren't accepting them right now. We are in talks with them to start allowing missing credits again but there will be very strict policies on that. Just because a site allows them doesn't mean they will get approved. We could allow them now, but that doesn't mean the advertiser is willing to pay. So in essence you would wait for weeks just to have it denied. We'd rather not conduct business like that. Until we know that we will have positive results (approvals) from the missing credits then we won't be accepting them and giving our users false hope.


09-10-2007 20:44:54

heh.. i made a thread similar to this the other day.. i feel your pain.. i didnt bash the sites too bad tho.. but i completely understand.. i have quite a few sittin at half right now or 0.. i got a credit request denied as well from one site for whatever reason.. not to threadcrap.. but if you ARE still interesting in doin a site.. i am workin rocketbills for 30 on green which i did last night and creditted within 15-20 minutes if yer interested ;).. but yes i COMPLETELY understand.. you should check out my thread on the subject.. you and i arent the only ones goin thru this



09-10-2007 21:02:45

I did.

OddTech4Free royally screwed me.



09-10-2007 22:30:14

Eah I'm over it was just annoyed by some things that need change.
Whats the thread?


10-10-2007 05:24:53