Fees that come along with purchasing a used Vehicle

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09-10-2007 18:17:42

Can anyone let me know a little bit about this if you know anything?

I'm looking at buying a used motorcycle, it is about 40 minutes away from my town and I am wondering what fees will come with the change of title, registration, and all of that stuff. I know it'll be cheaper since it is in state and doesn't need inspection and things, but can anyone give me first hand experience on this?

Also, the carbs need cleaned on this motorcycle, anyone know much about that? I figure that will be my project this winter is to get it running strong, so when spring rolls around I can have a motorcycle for myself )


10-10-2007 11:09:23

I am not sure about motorcycles but I know when I have bought cars I think the usual fees including the license, title and registration and what not was around $200-$250. It may be different for motorcycles though. I am sure you can call the local Currency Exchange and ask them how much it'll cost.


11-10-2007 07:42:50

There will also be state tax on it. The percentage differs from state to state. When we bought our 2005 Civic Hybrid a few months ago used, we ended up paying about $1,200 in state tax, and about $350 in title, registration and doc fees.