Where to find solution manuals for textbooks?

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08-10-2007 22:15:49

Like the title says, I'm looking for solution manuals for textbooks. I was totally set but they changed editions for Physics, Calculus, Statics, Dynamics AND Thermodynamics. This sucks for a couple of reasons. I now have to buy close to $600 worth of books because they found an "error" they hadn't fixed in the first FIVE editions of these books. The worst part of this is I only have solution manuals for the old editions. Where would I get these in .PDF?url==http://=http:///url I've looked on mininova and demonoid and neither of them have any of the new editions. I'll pay for a usenet if I have to, someone just please point me in the right direction. Thanks!


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look on half.com if someone isn't selling a pdf, it probably doesn't exist.


09-10-2007 10:10:33

half.com, ecampus.com and campusi.com