Wake up call

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05-10-2007 11:46:59


Basically a city worker was upset about his retirement plan and these lawyers were trying to help him iron some details out. So he went over there, shot everyone there -- killed the lawyers brother and the mail man who just happened to be there -- and then barricaded himself inside the law office. He nailed the back door shut so the only way to get in was through the front door.

The thing is my girlfriend used to work at a law office and to know that she could have been the one who was shot -- sucks. This isn't the first time someone has gone crazy in this town, 2 years ago another man holed himself up in his house and killed 5 police officers with an AK-47 before killing himself.

Good ole Alexandria, Louisiana - land of the crazies.

Of yeah this whole thing started at 245 or so and ended early morning at 230. Why they waited so long to go in there and kill him is beyond me....