Just heard that Chinese Democracy is finally coming out...

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04-10-2007 17:18:31

Guns n Roses are supposedly releasing Chinese Democracy on Feb 10 in UK and Feb 11 on US/Canada... We'll see...


04-10-2007 17:25:59

HAAA.. that aint nothin but an urban legend man.. been hearin that shit since the spaghetti incident.. come on now.. just cus he got a nose job a few years back and played on mtv awards dont mean shit twon.. im a child of the 80's as well.. and as we all KNOW.. 90% of what ya read on the internet is bulshit.. would be nice if he did come back strong like back in appetite for destruction days.. but i doubt it.. then again.. who knows.. straner things have hapened

Shawn G.


04-10-2007 17:39:49

Well I heard it yesterday on a radio station and then a few min ago on another radio station...


04-10-2007 17:45:09

yeah.. i heard things on radio staitons too ;).. but like i said earlier.. we have al heard that before about chinese democracy.. we will see like you said


04-10-2007 17:49:21

I hear ya. It's easy to be skeptical about it... I just have a good feeling is all. D


04-10-2007 17:53:32

heh.. i hear ya too mi amigo.. they got weak as shit with november rain tho.. sold out in my opinion. and i like punk rock primarliy.. axl did have the balls to the wall attitude at one time.. but i guess we all get "old or sold".. good discussion here,, but will hafta waiut till later. TNA rasslin debuts ther 2 hour show in 9 minutes.. adios.. reply tho twon.. i do like the fact you work monster sites ;)

Shawn G.

P.S. im gettin tipsy ;)


04-10-2007 18:00:28

You can definately hear a difference between Appetite and Use Your Illusions. It sounds like 2 different bands. I like both. Interesting fact -- The very first CD I ever bought was Use Your Illusions... D

I like it how at all GnR concerts, Axl has to fight someone in the crowd. He's such a character... No wonder the rest of the band (origional and present) can't get along with him.

But really, I have always been a fan of their music. I even liked the remake of Sympathy for the Devil and Oh My God. Something about his whiney voice does it for me.


04-10-2007 19:13:30

when i saw the title of the thread, two things ran through my head

1. april fools
2. it was a old thread from 04

dlr is back touring with van halen (and sounding pretty good through 4 shows), so anything is possible.



04-10-2007 19:33:32

[quote05fd0189be="DRay9911"]when i saw the title of the thread, two things ran through my head

1. april fools
2. it was a old thread from 04[/quote05fd0189be]

lol October 4th fools!!!