help me buy an RTS game

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03-10-2007 19:14:18

I want to get back into the Real time strategy games for the pc.

Anyone have any input as to what games i should either look out for or purchase now?

Thanks in advance

ps... i used to play warcraft and empire earth fyi


03-10-2007 19:51:41

It's old, but go for Empire Earth. I love EE but EE2 was lame.

ohhhh... just saw that you've played it... play it again ;)
i dunno of any others really. only other i played besides warcraft is Army Men RTS... (not bad actually)
i also love the Civ games but of course they're not real-time.


03-10-2007 20:24:09

what is your EE username

im on art of conquest... but maybe we could get a game... i used to be legit and in the DOGZ clan


03-10-2007 21:08:14

i dunno, i didn't even know there were usernames on EE... i haven't played it in about two years or so.


04-10-2007 01:12:40

Command and Conquer games are really fun...I just picked up the newest one Tiberian Wars and its pretty good so far. I also like Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne.


04-10-2007 08:53:48

I have Company of heroes and it is pretty cool. Ive hardly played it, but not for lack of it being good.


04-10-2007 10:37:49

World in Conflict is very highly rated. Empire Earth 3 is coming out soon.


04-10-2007 12:27:53

Not too sure wtf a RTS game is, but Americas Army ftw!


04-10-2007 13:37:03

[quotecd4dde51ee="Quadracer89"]Not too sure wtf a RTS game is, but Americas Army ftw![/quotecd4dde51ee]
Real Time Strategy.

Real-Time Strategy. Refers to a strategy-based computer game, generally involving management of an army or civilization.

I used to play the command and conquer series. It was a good time, still have them all but I hate that I can't play red alert anymore because it was from windows 95 i believe


05-10-2007 00:03:00

Man, Tyler, how many times am I going to have to tell you to get Company of Heroes Opposing Fronts? P Take some advice from a top RTS player and get the game.

The first multiplayer patch was a big letdown, but within the next week they're releasing the next patch, and it's going to balance things out again.

Don't go WiC (World in Conflict) if you're going for an actual RTS. That game's what you'd call an RTT (Real Time Tactics) game, it doesn't take the same strategic thinking as CoH OF, or any other RTS for that matter. C&C (Command and Conquer) hasn't been loved very much because of poor balance, I wouldn't recommend getting that either.

Funny thing is most people don't know what Company of Heroes is because of poor THQ advertising for the game. I've asked people if they're getting the game before, and I get a response "Nah, I don't feel like playing another WWII FPS"...that's proof they suck at advertising P .

But overall, go for Opposing Fronts. Especially for a relaxed RTS player like yourself, it won't let you down wink


07-10-2007 16:31:27

lol is it up yet?? lol opposing fronts....

world in conflict has really high ratings im tempted to try it... i just bought to old school starcraft game... i went into my local gamestop and asked for it and they looked at me like i was living in the stone age.

Big War Bird

08-10-2007 12:16:58

Have you played the Total War games? Medieval 2 Total War is the most recent title. Command and Conquer, Warcraft, Empire Earth and other AoE clones don't hold a candle to these games. Those games are just mindless button mashers/clickfests compared to the Total War games. You have to use real battlfield tactics to win battles, not just tank rushes.

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08-10-2007 14:08:02

Supreme Commander is really fun

Big War Bird

08-10-2007 15:07:16

Health bar = gay


09-10-2007 00:26:05


You won't be disappointed for even looking


09-10-2007 16:05:33

interesting... never tried total war... the title will stick in my mind from now on