Women Sues Apple Over iPhone Price Cut

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02-10-2007 23:27:26

Give me a fucking break roll



03-10-2007 00:11:25

Thats the one thing I hate about the American judicial system... You have loony people like this woman suing for millions over something so ridiculous, and the judge will actually heed to the claimant...

If it were anywhere else, the judge would immediately dismiss this case and/or order Apple to refund the difference (AND NOTHING MORE).


03-10-2007 07:40:29

Wow, glad to see tax dollars are being spent well. Yet another incredibly stupid thing clogging up our justice system.


03-10-2007 07:43:28

Gawd. No-one held a gun to her head and forced her to buy it back when it was more expensive.


03-10-2007 08:57:49

[quote17fe167d98="JennyWren"]Gawd. No-one held a gun to her head and forced her to buy it back when it was more expensive.[/quote17fe167d98]

Ya know? I mean when I am looking to buy something technological at such a high price, i usually wait a while and make sure that I really want to purchase it.

Usually the price with things like that go down a bunch in a year or so anyways. I know TV's do and I am glad I have waited this long and yet to have buy my samsung that I will hopefully be getting soon )


03-10-2007 10:50:22

why didn't I think of this roll roll roll


03-10-2007 11:43:28

This lady needs to mark up her loss as a sacrifice for getting a popular product when it first comes out. Why doesn't she sue her car manufacturer since her car probably depreciates a lot more than an iPod roll


03-10-2007 16:49:19

Lol. Who was it on here flipping that they were getting a gift card back? I mean seriously, come on, did motorola give a gift card when they dropped the RAZRs price? Its technology, stop bitching.


04-10-2007 08:25:34

She'll probably win is the sad thing


04-10-2007 08:42:58

I think it was powerbook. He still hasn't sent me that card he said he didn't want either...