Wii problem...

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02-10-2007 22:37:48

I went to play my Wii tonight, and a problem came up. I got it turned on and everything was going fine. I took my Wiimote out of the charger, and hit A. The buttons on bottom lights started flashing like normal, but it wont connect. I have a 2nd Wiimote, but I let my brother borrow it and I don't have it back yet. The charger was lit up, so it should be fully charged. Has anybody had this problem, or know how to fix? roll


02-10-2007 22:41:47

You can just sync them up again. The sync button on the wiimote is in the battery compartment (so you'll have to use normal batteries if your battery pack is in one piece with the battery panel) and the one on the wii is just above the SD slot behind the door.


02-10-2007 22:49:04

Ah thank you that did it. I didn't even think about that. I forgot my brother doesn't have wireless at his place so he must have used this Wiimote when he came and got the downloads. I haven't touched the sync since I bought it in February, totally corssed my mind. Thanks again.


02-10-2007 23:21:45

two threads were necessary?


02-10-2007 23:23:35

Wah cry about it. I didn't know which to post in so I just did both, sue me.


02-10-2007 23:28:10

[quote6bbd3b1d28="slambam"]Wah cry about it. I didn't know which to post in so I just did both, sue me.[/quote6bbd3b1d28]

You don't need to be a dick about.

Post in one, probably T-T-Tech Yourself...since it's technology related? How wouldn't you know which one to put it in?


02-10-2007 23:34:36

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03-10-2007 05:45:53

[quoteafd0bb228e="slambam"]Wah cry about it. I didn't know which to post in so I just did both, sue me.[/quoteafd0bb228e]
It's called cross-posting, and it's frowned upon here as in most internet forums or newsgroups. I'm not interested in suing you, but I may very well ban you. Don't be a dick and give me another reason...

As for the rest of you, no need to antagonize and make the situation worse.


03-10-2007 06:55:53

Yeah i've had this issue before, a simple re-sync fixes her up )