School spirit week? omg!

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02-10-2007 14:34:56

Hey guys...So basically I needed some help with my school spirit week for homecoming this year.
We have the following days that start from friday, and end on friday
1) Music day
2) Sports day
3) Generation day
4) Good vs Evil day
5) School colors day

I wanted to know if you guys have ideas that you could give me to kinda help me out with deciding what to do.

Music day is day.
Sports day is like you can wear a sports jersey or something, or like dress up as a certain player
Generation day is like a certain year like the 70's, or like the 80's or something.
Good vs evil is...good vs. evil.
and school colors is school colors.

I need help with all of em, except school colors day, obviously.

If you guys can gimme some ideas etc, i'd really appreciate it.



02-10-2007 14:57:53

When you get older, this will be called "rush week." And it'll still suck just as much.

Other than music day (which doesn't really many sense), those seem fine.

EDIT Why not involve the school and get students to give their own suggestions? You can peg it as more school spirit but you're really getting other suckers to do your work.


02-10-2007 15:54:18

It's not work...I like spirit week. It's one of the few chances I get to walk around like a doof and laugh about it without getting in trouble.
Last year, for one of the days I was Gilligan (from Gilligan's island) for like TV/Movie day.
I always dress up lol.

Thanks for the info...
Ps, music day is like dress up like your favorite artist or something like that..
A few of my friends are doing blue man group, so I wanna top that hehe.

ANYWAY. Ideas guys?


02-10-2007 16:01:05

Smash day - go to school completely smashed! toast
how's that for school spirit, eh


02-10-2007 16:25:34

[quoteeeac654aec="d11m"]Smash day - go to school completely smashed! toast
how's that for school spirit, eh[/quoteeeac654aec]
Probably a bad idea...I won't even go into the details on that one =\ .

Does anyone have any real suggestions? lol...


02-10-2007 16:33:49

[quotee291c46178="d11m"]Smash day - go to school completely smashed! toast
how's that for school spirit, eh[/quotee291c46178]

not for high school, college would be cool tho shrug just every once in a while tho...


02-10-2007 16:43:46

Oh yeah, PS, I'm a senior this year, so I guess I'd kinda like to do it big.

Like last year for spirit week, our colors are red and gold, so I painted my face half / red half gold, dyed my hair half red/gold too.
Then I made myself a t-shirt in red/black/gold paint marker and made a logo on it. It was sweet.


02-10-2007 17:31:39

sounds like it was embarrassing


02-10-2007 18:03:19

"School spirit week? omg!"

You sound like a giddy schoolgirl. lol


02-10-2007 18:26:32

[quoted8fd4b61d8="J4320"]"School spirit week? omg!"

You sound like a giddy schoolgirl. lol[/quoted8fd4b61d8]
Maybe...just maybe, in reality I really am!
But oh wait, I'm not.

Sorry to get your hopes up =\


02-10-2007 19:37:08

we had toga day, it was fun. i didn't dress up but my freshman brother did. The dance this year sucked though, I went with some girl that wasn't too fun to dance with.


02-10-2007 20:10:11

cool kids don't dance at dances


02-10-2007 20:39:39

They are when you actually know how to dance =P


02-10-2007 21:08:32

College > high school


02-10-2007 21:27:31

IS anyone going to actually help me plan some stuff out for spirit week or what lol...


02-10-2007 22:19:28

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03-10-2007 05:10:38

[quote20dccbf5e0="tylerc"]College > high school[/quote20dccbf5e0]



03-10-2007 11:56:47

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04-10-2007 07:54:17

Dress up like travis barker, have a friend sharpie tatoos all over you and bring drum sticks and beat the hell outta everything