anyone tried either of these?

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01-10-2007 16:47:48

My wife wants one for Christmas...


sandra habina

08-10-2007 05:01:43

aaaaahhhhhh You're married, dang. It looks like a cool instrument, but sorry I have not seen one before. Bumping - so you can get a good answer.


08-10-2007 06:47:12

lol... yes... yes I am.


08-10-2007 07:03:28

search google for reviews...


08-10-2007 07:21:17

[quote782ae72f83="bruman"]search google for reviews...[/quote782ae72f83]

That was a very insightful suggestion, but he's probably wanting to talk to someone who has tried them, and ask questions.


08-10-2007 07:41:34

I'm a big fan of HTC stuff. I've not tried either of those as those exact models aren't available to me through my carrier, but the first one is a variation of the HTC TyTN (Cingular 8525), updated to WM6. I have a Cingular 8125 (Wizard) and I love it. The AT&T Tilt (8925) just came out and I hope to be getting it in a couple months.

I think she'd be happy with either, but if she's not into doing a lot of PDA stuff, she'd probably prefer the more phone-like S720 to the P4000.