Anyone like Myspace?

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29-09-2007 02:10:25

Hi there just to let you all know for those of you who use sites such as myspace, facebook, or hi5. Theres a Brand New Video Social Network
Coming out It has all the perks of all and more. The best part that caught my eye about it is it hasnt even launched yet and their signups are more then doubling daily. Its Offering Free affiliate sign up For PreLaunch NOW
that means you get paid just for referring friends to join which is FREE.
I believe when this thing booms it will be the easiest money we'll ever make. Think about it myspace has millions of members if you were paid every time you added a new friend to your myspace from when it launched how much money would you have right now?

Anyway I wont go into detail since the site pretty much explains everything and I hate having to answer same question over and over.
If you're interested below is the link roll for those of you always worrying about not having enough money or other easy ways to well heres your chance simple question is will you do something about it.


See you around guys I'm going to get paid


29-09-2007 02:17:45

Ummmm, No?


29-09-2007 02:30:42

Well my friend variety is the essence of life. If your tired of myspace heres something new to try. BTW I doubt you viewed the site before you even commented ) give a look then comment either way afterwards.


29-09-2007 05:31:10

Ref links in site, they aren't allowed here, stop spamming. There are a lot of things like this out, most turn out to give you nothing and you just waste your time. Ref links aren't allowed, so you aren't allowed to post it here. Go spam elsewhere.


29-09-2007 08:21:19