The Benefits of Being in a Student Organization

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24-09-2007 12:22:05

I am the treasurer of my college's ASO (Associated Student Organization).

The benefits?

I get my own office computer, speakers, phone, tv, dvd/vhs player, printer, and internet.

So basically when I need to study no longer do I need to go to the library in one of the little study desks headphones in my ears. I now sit in my office cubicle, which isn't extremely large, but larger than a library study desk. I can blast my music, get on the net, all that - with no interfenece from students, or other personal.

It rocks.


24-09-2007 12:27:20

I'm VP of SIFE at my school and we have a huge office that only 4 of us have a key to. We have a mini fridge, snacks up the fucking wazoo and privacy.

All that, and we go on trips for free all year, meet with bigwigs with money, and basically secure jobs for when we're out of school.


24-09-2007 13:58:25

I'm writing for a Kelley Undergraduate Magazine that's trying to get off the ground (Kelley School of Business at IU), and I'm also applying for Kelley Student Government.

Guess I'll let you guys know the benefits of that if I get chosen.


24-09-2007 14:01:04

I'm in high school =[ .

But I'm president of spanish club and vice president of Volunteer club =].
Both should help me get into colleges of my choice.