Good PS2 Multiplayer Shooter?

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12-09-2007 13:51:58

So I'm going to start having my siblings visit me every other week or so and the only console I have in my apartment is a PS2. Now there isn't a whole lot to do at my apt. so I figured video games might be one of the things I can keep them entertained with (they range from ages 9-20). I have a few fighting games but they aren't all that into fighting games so would anyone know a few good Multiplayer Shooters for PS2?


12-09-2007 14:09:11

You can try TimeSplitters Future Perfect. I never played it but I hear it's pretty fun and it got good reviews back when it came out a couple years ago.


12-09-2007 14:29:38

Don't spend the cash on new games, just pick up a 360 core on the bay or craigslist and buy something cool )


12-09-2007 17:19:51

TimeSplitters Future Perfect is EASILY one of the best console FPS multi-player experiences you can get. No question that that should be number one on your list.

Red Faction will always hold a special place in my heart. As a matter of fact, I still play it on the PC. Try it out.

Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 provide some nice "war-esque" TPSing.

I don't recall if Black is multi-player or not...

Unreal Tournament is always a safe bet, as well.

Nothing else pops to mind, at the moment. Try your luck with those.


12-09-2007 18:08:08

people still play ps2...?


12-09-2007 19:13:50

Socom 3 D


12-09-2007 19:21:03

[quotebcb1382ae1="redman12"]Socom 3 D[/quotebcb1382ae1]

I have that and online assault. Pretty good, too many damn cheaters.


12-09-2007 19:21:25

Unreal Tournament 2 for the orginal xbox was awesome, don't know if they made it for ps2 too.


12-09-2007 22:05:49

[quote48b07ffa5c="JOSHBOX"]people still play ps2...?[/quote48b07ffa5c]
It's still outselling the xbox 360 and ps3 so yeah.


15-09-2007 14:36:44

shooters on consoles = blasphemy!