I have a quick question:

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11-09-2007 20:35:40

Can I have a referral sign up in my house that isn't related nor lives with me? and not on the same computer?

I have a friend that wants to be a referral for me, but he doesn't have access to internet anywhere but at my house on my second computer. I never use that computer for anything, but to let friends check stuff online. And he's not my roomate, so can he use that computer for greens and stuff, even though the computer's in the same house?


11-09-2007 20:48:25

You should probably post this kind of question in the 'Help' section.

And to anwer you question. Absolutly not. You would both be put on hold since the sites use IP address' to detect duplicate sign ups and yours would both be the same.


12-09-2007 03:54:23

Yeah thats a pretty huge no no..

If you realllly wanted to try it.. Try opening a support ticket and explaining the situation..

But even then it's highly doubtful